A Mid-summer Dream – Poem by Yi Jung Chen

It’s the Little Things

Yi Jung Chen sends us words of entrancing sweetness to hold us up through these times. With validating the struggle, she also keeps our eyes on seeing the persistent good that still surrounds us.

A Mid-summer Dream


Snuggled on your shoulder,

we sit on the sand and watch the seagull fly.

The sun rose over the horizon,

the gentle breeze caressed our hairs.

Holding your hands and strolling along the forest trails,

the aroma of the cypress prevails in the air.

The gnomes may greet us somewhere,

leaving us the joy of hidden surprise.

Covid-19 taking the world by storm,

Solitude raid my soul.

Communicating with you on line,

we kiss each other on the webcam,

shedding tears of sadness.

Leaning out of the window,

a sparrow standing on the utility pole,

tilted her head and gave me an inquiring look.

In her eyes, 

a door flung open,

the wave of euphoria keeps hypnotizing me into

a sweet dream.


Besides teaching pupils of learning difficulties at Dounan Elementary School in Taiwan, Yi Jung (Jolene) Chen used to cooperate with other teachers for writing illustrated books in Chinese, English and Japanese. She also earned her doctoral degree from Graduate Institute of Education in National Chung Cheng University. In her leisure hours, she also wrote poems in English, Chinese and Taiwanese language. Provided given the opportunity, she would like to have her poems published by a reliable agent and shares her poems with people around the globe.