Artistic Wheatpaste Gardening by Pampi

It’s the Little Things

Pampi reminds us not only the importance of gardening, but also the artistry that can accompany it! Check it out below!

Artist Statement:

What brings me joy is engaging in productive projects that keep me learning.  Nothing more productive than gardening projects:  though we got a late start, this garden – the United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury Community Garden – is hosting two raised beds for a program I’m doing with young people to cultivate food secure futures.  I learned how to make wheatpaste and – in company of a dear friend – decorated the raised beds with poignant movement history collages featured in an old calendar.  Here we are enjoying the greens coming in framed by the freedom movements that save us.



Caste-d newcomersettler of Massachuset and Wompanoag lands

culture worker: pigment fabric art and body they/them pronouns

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