AOC – Original Music by Acoustic Librarian

Still Shining

The Acoustic Librarian has written a new song about a politician he admires! Within a world where political debates can get pretty heated online, he shows us a kind way to be supportive while having his voice heard. Go take a look!


She that Fox News loves to hate
And Republicans underestimate
‘Til they’re shut down in a Twitter debate!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,
Freshman Congresswoman,
Face of the Democratic Party,
So says the chosen one.

Part of a squad that’s taken some blame,
Asked to go back from where they came,
Even though she was born in New York
Like another famous name…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,
She’s an American, too!
Though she may have darker skin
And a different opinion than you.

Strong are her political gifts.
A presidential run is still a “what if”…
She’s only two months older
Than Taylor Swift!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,
Shake off the words of your foes!
Some can see that AOC
Spells “trouble” for the status quo.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,
Freshman Congresswoman,
Face of the Democratic Party,
So says the chosen one.


Acoustic Librarian is a songwriter, open mic performer and technology librarian. He lives in Southern California with his wife and their two cats.

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The Art of Depression: Acoustic Librarian


Acoustic Librarian is a songwriter, open mic performer and technology librarian. He lives in Orange County with his wife and their two cats.



Many a mile I’ve wandered

Through this house of mirrors,

Searching to find a way out,

Knowing my home isn’t here.

Amid the smoke that surrounds me,

Faces appear in the glass;

Are they long-sought fellow travelers

Or reflections of self that flow past?

Still I desire perfection

In a world distorted and crazed,

To discern beyond all illusion

The meaning of this maze.

Guide my paths to what’s real,

For glimpses are all I can see;

And make my image more truly

That which You meant it to be.

Oh Lord, this day, these things I pray.

Oh Lord, this day, these things I pray.

Oh Lord, this day, these things I pray.

I plunge down slides, then start to climb

Towards heights that seem out of reach;

Pass through tunnels that move and spin

On floors that shift under my feet.

I enter a room full of blackness,

A spotlight shines in my face.

Do I hear whispered laughter

Or murmurs of welcome and grace?

Can I recall the reflection

That shown when the glass was clear?

Do I believe in perfect love

That casts out all of my fear?

Guide me towards others who walk this path,

For glimpses I’m starting to see;

And make our images truly

That which You meant them to be.

Oh Lord, this day, these things I pray.

Oh Lord, this day, these things I pray.

Dear Lord, this day, these things I pray.

The Art Depression: A Mini-Series


Depression is never the goal in life. No one wakes up and decides to become depressed like choosing a profession.

“Yes, when I grow up, I think I would like to be either a doctor, or ballet teacher, or maybe a depressed soul.”

No, this is not the choice, and yet at times it is perceived as if it were. As if you could somehow opt out of it and simply turn your mind into a sunshiny, bird-chirping-in-the-morning kind of outlook. That perception can make you feel alone. It’s almost as if you are a bad or unintelligent person for making such a choice.

You might browse through the sea of happy faces with their smiles and vacations.

“Look at them with their romantic dinners on the pier, their healthy food with perfect dining wear. How does anyone have the energy to look for matching napkins and placemats, anyways?”

Depression seems like it is for outcasts. Yet most people experience depression in some form or another at least once in their lives, if not a constant battle.

We Are not “Less-than”

I put this mini series together because I wanted to unite people in this very common experience. We are not somehow “less-than” just because we have depression. It does not take away our value or our worth. It does however, take away joy. I believe there is a way to take back a portion of this joy that depression has so cruelly robbed us of, and that is through art. Art allows us to channel the pain and build something out of it. Some beauty in the sea of darkness.

Step Into Another’s World

In this series you will be seeing compositions of different styles of art from people in various parts of the world. Each one of these artists express depression uniquely, drawn from their experiences and encompass different aspects. They all have something important to say. Come step into the world of each one to learn and feel with them.  

Thank You Artists!

I want to thank all of the artists who have so graciously shared their work to be able to post. These people have vulnerably sent their work to help validate the struggle, lift the burden, and give hope to others. Please support these artists with your likes, comments, and shares. But please, be kind with any comments made as these are real people opening themselves up in order to help destigmatize depression and give their help through their experience.

A Song to Start Us Off

To start us off, I wanted to share a song I wrote a while back about my experience. I tried to capture the dreary feeling and emptiness that comes from the functioning type of depression. Also, at the very end, you get to witnessed the most well-timed yawn in the history of yawns, courtesy of my husband. Please enjoy: