Missing You Alone by Shiela Denise Scott

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This poem by Shiela Denise Scott is from her book Emotionally Broken. Take a look at the book review for this as well: Pages to Ponder: Emotionally Broken

Missing You Alone

Couple of old memories,
Remain in my mind,
Reminiscent feeling,
Lost forever in time

Some broken hearts bleed out teardrops,
That eyes refuse to cry,
Love dangling its aftermath,
Blurred by tomorrow sighs

Enlighten the past with presence,
Futures must journey home,
Death of photos, ashes to burn,
While missing you alone


Shiela Denise Scott, poet published in multiple anthologies, journals, and magazines has published her first book, “Emotionally Broken.” Poems like missing you alone, and unite forever delves into the heart of the lonely. She searching for a genre, found a passion that described and defined her. 


Connect with her on social media: https://www.facebook.com/PoetShielaDeniseScott

Pages to Ponder: Emotionally Broken by Shiela Denise Scott

Emotionally Broken by Shiela Denise Scott is an honest and open window that peers into the heart of a pure love’s grief. Dedicated to the love of her life who was sadly taken from her, it holds the weight of such tragedy with a gentle touch. The book is a heartbeat, with each poem being the throb of ache in tandem with the swell of joy to have experienced the taste of love. The pureness of her heart awakens hope beyond the grief while maintaining its beautiful legacy. For anyone who has lost a loved one, this book is a soothing and validating read.

Author: Shiela Denise Scott

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My Favorite Quote:

“Heartbroken pieces embraced soulless kin, Journeys dead end find compassionates fate.”

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Sonnets of Death; Mourning Life’s Love & Other Poetry by Shiela Denise Scott

To What We Lost – Shiela Denise Scott

Shiela Denise Scott’s poetry today is a home where sadness and sweetness dance together. She brings awareness to the good and the brokenness within and around us with beautiful balance.

Sonnets of Death; Mourning Life’s Love

Tilted heads remain drifting around town,

Sadden loss of spirit, mourning announced,

Tears fall gently, screams overpower sound,

Return of respect, hidden joys pronounced.

Yesterdays’ stories stand near an altar,

Calling all memories, depart in peace,

Follow unity out the doors, fault her,

She who loved him, holistically.

Oneness gave birth. a reciprocal love,

Whose strength can overpower lies with truth?

Others hated the combination of,

Respect, want, need, families perceived, you.

Life introduced me to love when we met,

Uplifted spirits set, Passions kismet.


Shiela Denise Scott, creative with a focus on poetry and photography graduated from Full Sail University with an earned Creative Writing for Entertainment B.F.A, and Antonelli College with a Digital Photography A.A.S degree. Her published works include Multitudes of Array, Elders Are Cool.Blended Survival, Saddest Thing, Constellation of Stars, Bar belles, Crumbled Promises and other stories, and poems. She turned her hobbies into a career and fell in love.

You may contact her on social media https://www.facebook.com/PoetShielaDeniseScott