The Arrival of the Vampire of Ogrencisi – Poetry by Shalom Galve Aranas

Adorably Horror Series – Shalom Galve Aranas

The Arrival of the Vampire of Ogrencisi

From the mountains of the Pyrenees
the Vampire of Ogrencisi
brought down the newly born daughter
of his immortal friend, Ivan
who died in battle.
Now his sister awaits from the steps
of Ivan’s manor ablaze
with candlelights.
Bloodied from battle and
Weary from the long horse trek
from the cold monastery
where the child was born
of a mother who begged him
not to take her child.
Ogrencisi took to the forest
back to the manor,
feeding the child from
a bleating goat, away
from the knowledge
of enemies for now
Ogrencisi knew his destiny
and weakness
lay in the child, at the sum
of twenty one years
shall be
his immortal bride.


Shalom Galve Aranas is a freelance writer published in Enchanted Conversations, Synaeresis, St. Andrews and elsewhere. She is a loving, single mother of two.