Rainy Days & Little Roses – Photography by Sandra Nguyen

It’s the Little Things

No matter what pulls at us in life, there are images all around us that are small gifts to our spirits if we take the time to look. Sandra Nguyen captures this so perfectly in these photos. It’s the easy to miss beauty that is available to us, if we only take the time to look.

Rainy Days

I love rainy days. It makes me drop everything I do at the moment and just listen to the rhythm of nature and reflect on life. The photo was taken in mid December last year…..looking out of my bedroom window

Little Roses

I received these two roses from my little nieces, age 4 and 2. They picked out the flowers themselves, although their parents paid for them. But I think the gesture was really sweet. The roses remind me of how delicate and beautiful life is. For a moment they add color and breathe new energy into my life….just like my nieces. The photo was taken in early July this year. The glass vase stood on my black nightstand and I took the picture looking down at the roses. 


Sandra Nguyen is an author of literary fiction and poetry. She has been published in anthologies and online. She lives and writes in Sweden.