Going With the Flow by Rifa Tasfia Choudhury

Carpe Diem Series

Rifa Tasfia Choudhury’s sensational painting captures current time struggles, acceptance, and joy all in one! Take a moment to feast your eyes on this majestic piece of art and let it move you.

Going with the flow 8x10inches, acrylic on paper 

Artist Statement:

This pandemic made me realize that not everyone and everything in life is meant to be. Not everything we own are ours. Once we leave this world we are leaving everything but ourselves. So my piece “going with the flow” represents the cycle of life itself. We are all humans flowing and floating away, always rushing and not truly living. But once in a while we must enjoy. Enjoy this little time we have here until it’s gone. 


Rifa Tasfia Choudhury