A Child’s Prayer for God’s Intervention and Other Poems by Pentecost Mate

Still Shining

Pentecost Mate is a Zimbabwe poet! He has written poems of prayer during these difficult times.

A child’s prayer for God’s intervention…

Caged in our confined homes,
Obedient to all elders we are.
Respectful to laws of our land we remain.
On bended knees Lord, we bow before you.
Nourish us with the spirit of survival,
And the will to keep worshipping you.
Vaccinate us from our vast fears
Improve our immune systems
Rinse us with the healing blood of Jesus
UK is crying Lord! So is the rest of the world…
Shower us with your grace…oh Lord we pray. Amen

A poem of reflection, hope and appreciation 3 April 2020

The dust of the world is one…

From dust, a product of weathering,
we were created into human beings
in the very image of God,
and given dominion over all else…
Like the dust we are,
we were either blown to different regions of the world,
or transported by water to all surfaces of the globe,
where we settled as organised particles,
living as individuals, families, groups and communities,
in homes, workplaces, churches, orphanages or prisons…
and in provinces, towns, cities, countries and continents…

Sustained by the lungful of fresh air
Breathed unto us by our only creator,
we became our own designers of human classes.
We invented soil structures and soil textures that brought to play
our assumed levels of superiority over one another…
the rich proclaiming being dust from mineral based parent rocks
and attaching the poor’s origins to organic parent material,
dust created through decomposition of other dust’s excretes…

This division by humanity,
of humans manufactured using dust,
portrays dust as an entity with a tribe, a race,
gender, religion, colour and creed.
Yet as dust, we are mere dirt particles
floating and settling on everything,
harbouring soot from industries,
carrying moulds and bacteria…
and now living with the coronavirus…

As the Biblical dust today,
we are hostages in our own homes,
living in quarantine or lockdown,
waking up each morning to see other dust settling on furniture
and wiping it away,
for it reminds us that we too are dust particles
waiting for our turn to be cleaned up…

While we wait for that turn,
which everyone made of dust,
has an equal chance of experiencing,
we should pause to reflect
on all those that put their lives on line;
the medical personnel who prevent or prolong
our return to the dust which made us.
While we stay indoors and enjoy our cookies,
they work round the clock amid the wrath of the virus,
the journalists who inform us,
on what is happening around the world,
the soldiers and the police,
who ensure we don’t breathe into each other’s noses,
the pastors, priests, evangelists, prophets and preachers,
who help us connect to the spiritual world,
the scientists who look the bacteria into the eye
so they can see its deceptive looks and outwit it…

We should also acknowledge teachers,
the greatest consultants at home
who help guide all children-adults’ activities indoors
and have a hand in all decisions workers arrive at in the battlefield,
for covid 19 is an old syllabus component that needs completion…
some educators out there need to lay on the line
Noam Chomsky’s transformational-generative theory
Which implicitly states that dust has innate competence
but needs motivation to push it to perform…
when all are under lockdown,
the educator at home steers the submarine…
We should draw our lines skillfully,
to avoid being out of line with precautionary measures taken,
of what we do as dust particles and what we ought not to.
Let’s not shoot these lines marked by medical experts
but toe these global lines which stand to benefit us
as one huge cloud of dust…

Reading between the lines, it’s crystal clear that
all the world’s dust, with all its multicellular functions,
working together as one body of official dust,
with Christ living in it and fueling its mechanisms,
can claim its dominion over the coronavirus,
if from now on, it unites and sieves the virus out…
by stopping its movement across the globe
and depriving it of powers to reproduce,
mutate, adulterate, multiply and destroy …

For in creation, the covid 19 wasn’t a part of God’s ingredients
It was never given dominion over man…
It is a weed that is finding comfort in us dust…
It is just vapour that will fizzle out,
when all the world’s dust chokes its breath out,
like it is choking ours right now,
all across the universe…
as one family of dust, let us maintain our social distance
but retain our social ties, in order to survive this,
as one world, one humanity, one cloud of dust…

Should we survive this as a world, which we will,
we should set aside one day to thank God as one world.
Even if half of the world’s population should perish,
Those that will survive should acknowledge the grace of God…
From Dr. Ian Ndlovu’s teachings [Divine Kingdom Baptist Church],
I learnt that God is our healer even if he doesn’t heal us,
at the time we expect him to,
just as electricians remain our electricians,
even when they walk out of our homes
after failing to fix our stoves …

…for all families across the globe. We share our grief and love as one family under one sky. Let us pray for God’s healing hand. Amen
© Pentecost Mate (2020) Gwabalanda, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


Pentecost Mate