Art Thoughts & Other Artwork by Carl Scharwath

Carpe Diem Series

Carl Scharwath’s photography can’t help but make you want to go out and explore the world! His magnificent artistry spots the color and intrigue of life around us. Take a look at his work below!


Art Thoughts – model Raktima Khanum

Elixor w Deborah Setiyawati

Vista – model Maraina Malhotra

Water Clouds






Carl Scharwath, has appeared globally with 75+ journals selecting his art photography, His first photography book was published by Praxis. His photography was also exhibited in the Mount Dora Center For The Arts gallery and their exhibition “Be A Part Of It.” Recently his photography was accepted by The Leesburg Center For The Arts and their 3 month store front exhibition. Six global poets have also selected his photography to grace the covers of their published books.  Carl is the art editor for both Minute Magazine (USA,) A Too Powerful Word (Serbia,) a competitive runner and a  2nd degree black- belt in Taekwondo.


Art Thoughts-model Raktima Khanum and is a photo with a pencil drawing added.

Vista-model Maraina Malhotra-Singapore

Elixor-model Deborah Setiyawati-Indonesia

A Pure Work of Art – Photographic Series by Rifa Tasfia

Online Open Mic Series

This next artist takes us on a journey of her self exploration through the heaviness of labels and expectations. Rifa Tasfia inspires confidence, and a warm acceptance of oneself through these powerfully detailed images. Let her artistry start your week with a resolved sense of self worth and strength.

Artist Statement

Series Title: A Pure work of Art

 “A pure work of art” is a Photographic series about self -love and all the criticisms to build by people to label someone as a particular object who doesn’t always fit in the box. This series is deeply personal, beauty is subjective and to be labelled as beautiful one must have perfect slim figure with perfect hair and skin.  The rarest thing in Bangladeshi culture is to accept someone for who they are and to remember that we are more than just a body.

We are all dependent to art, these films, photographs and music we encounter every day is all different forms of art. “A pure work of art” reflects on personal growth, love and passion. These series contains both myself as the Art and the Artist. As a Fine Artist belonging in a Bangladeshi culture, I have experienced many hate comments towards my dreams and career not only that I have also experienced body shaming and discouraging words toward my body.  It’s like I’m not the ideal girl to fit in. Self-doubt and low self-esteem don’t come in a day, many people my age still grew up with doubting themselves, based on how they look and have very low body confidence. The harassment of bullying lets a young mind change the perspective about themselves into pure hatred, hatred towards their own skin. The vicious cycle of low self-worth and social approval is like a blood sucking parasite, that sticks to you for a very long period of time. This sort of cycle doesn’t bother me anymore, as I did few years back. Because I know my worth, my worth doesn’t have to be defined by my size. Nobody is ever ready to talk about the constant obsession of looking perfect. I have always considered myself as the Sunflower, that doesn’t fit perfectly in any garden, on a vase neither on a bouquet. Its like we have our own garden, rarely seen or touched. Anyone would rather pick a rose than a sunflower, because people like the idea of different or change but wouldn’t risk their lives for it. In reality it’s the same thing, very few people appreciate artists, They like the idea of it but wouldn’t stick around with one.

As an artist I have developed a way escaping reality by just simply painting. This sweet escape means solace and inner peace. In this series I have used my body as the canvas and my talent as paint. So, here’s a series of self-portraits and photographs of myself, a mixture of my flesh and my artistic style. A small journey to self-discovery and growth since Self-love is hard, it takes great deal of patience and time. Both art and loving oneself requires effort, dedication and unconditional love, its kind of like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The transformation to enjoy oneself, to live at our fullest makes us glow and grow differently. 

 Below begins the  Abstract Photographic Series of growth, love and passion, each photograph is titled.

First Glance


Disappearance of my past self


I am Enough

Tears to Thunder

Slowly Blooming

Beautifully Crafted




Happy Flower


Rifa Tasfia 


Instagram handle: @tazflea

Radiography of Time & Other Artwork by Sohyun Park

To What We Lost – Sohyun Park 

Bringing us images of new perspectives and intricate thought is Sohyun Park! Take a look at his work and his inspiration behind the art.

Radiography of time 


Sohyun Park 



painting :

photography & sculpture/ installation etc :

Enchantment and We All Got Crowns – Photography by Tracy Whiteside

It’s the Little Things

There will be no way that you can see today’s little things without immediate coos! Tracy Whiteside designs entrancing photography and today she shares with us her baby photoshoot. The cuteness of these little lovebugs along with her artistry makes for nothing but happy hearts!

We All Got Crowns


Tracy Whiteside is an internationally published Chicago-area photographer specializing in creative images for humans and things that go bump in the night.  Her work can be seen in over 60 different publications in just the last year.  This is a bit of a departure from her usual style but being unable to work in the studio as much as she would like has made her a bit stir crazy. 


Check out her portfolio at  A photographer for over 16 years, Tracy works in many genres.  You can enjoy her irrational mixed bag of images on Instagram @whitesidetracy



Open-Mouthed and Relatively New – Photographs and Poetry by Alan Bern

It’s the Little Things

Alan Bern boldly takes the simplest of items and finds a way to express the preciousness they hold! His photographs and poetry inspire that everything has value.

Artist Statement:

Photographs often capture and present moments. To collect these moments and for the great good health of body and mind, I take walks— yes, I walk my neighborhood streets and also beyond— and I capture moments, sometimes with the camera on my phone, sometimes with a few words, and sometimes with both. Snap snap. I regularly walk in my neighborhood where I have lived for 95% of my life. And, yes, it’s often awfully familiar, but there is always something new to see. An empty paper cup among the plants; plastic-wrapped newspapers posing as footsteps on a rock stairway. Snap snap. 

Poems, too, can capture and present these moments— especially short poems such as haiku and haiku-like poems. I capture and presents such moments in both my photographs and my poems, and sometimes I combines the two in what are called photo-haiga.* At other times I merge both into longer narratives that may tell a story, but more often present a flow of images and words that magnify and transmit thoughts, feelings, and dream-traces. 

*”Haiga [paintings] are typically painted by haiku poets (haijin), and often accompanied by a haiku poem.”— with Alan’s photos standing in for the paintings.


Retired children’s librarian Alan Bern’s poetry books: No no the saddest and Waterwalking in Berkeley, Fithian Press; greater distance, Lines & Faces, his press with artist Robert Woods, Alan has poems, stories, and photos published in a variety of online and print publications from which he has won awards. Recent photos published: and Alan performs with dancer/choreographer Lucinda Weaver as PACES and with musicians from Composing Together,

My Father – Poetry & Other Artwork by Ann Privateer

It’s the Little Things

Ann Privateer shares with us an intimate moment with all of the sting and beauty that accompany it. She also fills her life with many styles of art and gifts us with some of her artwork and photography! Go take a look below!

My Father

Had a heart attack
One night when I
Was 16. I ran bare foot
Across The street to get
Our doctor neighbor
I can still feel the gravel
It was too late, an ambulance
Came and took his body.
For one year Mama left
His work clothes on the hook
Where he hung them.
Sometimes I’d go into
Their closet and hug
His clothes, breath
His scent and cry.


Ann Privateer is a poet, artist, and photographer. She has been writing poems since her college days, has received Photography awards, some of her recent photos have appeared in Third Wednesday, and she enjoys painting once a week outdoors with
other artists.

Rainy Days & Little Roses – Photography by Sandra Nguyen

It’s the Little Things

No matter what pulls at us in life, there are images all around us that are small gifts to our spirits if we take the time to look. Sandra Nguyen captures this so perfectly in these photos. It’s the easy to miss beauty that is available to us, if we only take the time to look.

Rainy Days

I love rainy days. It makes me drop everything I do at the moment and just listen to the rhythm of nature and reflect on life. The photo was taken in mid December last year…..looking out of my bedroom window

Little Roses

I received these two roses from my little nieces, age 4 and 2. They picked out the flowers themselves, although their parents paid for them. But I think the gesture was really sweet. The roses remind me of how delicate and beautiful life is. For a moment they add color and breathe new energy into my life….just like my nieces. The photo was taken in early July this year. The glass vase stood on my black nightstand and I took the picture looking down at the roses. 


Sandra Nguyen is an author of literary fiction and poetry. She has been published in anthologies and online. She lives and writes in Sweden. 


Light within = Hope within – Poetry and Photography by Martina Rimbaldo

Still Shining

Martina Rimbaldo brings art that truly shines from Croatia! Her photography and poetry come together and fill the soul with warmth and reverie. I encourage you to bask in the ray of light that she brings!

The light created us so we are light!

Light within = Hope within

We all own a light within us just sometimes the light hides behind a robe of darkness doe to dirty words of others, of realistic critics they do not know the dreams of idealists like us…We are Aliens to each other I can not cling myself on reality it, is too cruel and what we call a reality is not a reality we do not live in it as it is reserved for the afterlife. All that surrounds us is a dream. We create our dreams first we need to know who we are, Only by knowing who we are we can not be broken by other peoples acts towards us. Mind develops by experiences good and bad. If you had bad experiences it will form negative thoughts, you will print a negative pattern to yourself and others too.

You need to let go of your mind and open your heart ,and develop self awareness in order to change that negative print.

We have everything we need in us, do not let others interfere with their venon,

You are strong, good enough.

Every person is unique and nobody needs to be corrected for being different as none of us are mistakes even if you make one you are not that mistake!

You, me, them, are valid human beings, you have a right to follow to create your own life path.

You are your own person ,individual no one can remove you from you!

You know what is best for you ,nobody lives inside your skin but you!

You have control over you, you can make it happen!


Stuck inside your souls core

do you see the dark walls surrounding you?

Your inner child is lost

your inner women has no dignity

Your inner man has no voice to speak, no arms to fight

Who do you have left?

There is still the light of hope

silent wispers to your heart that no other can hear

Do not give up

He still needs you here

but the demons are evil

playing with your mind

mind does not need your heart

your heart does not need your mind

brake trough the pain

there is always light

it will be ok it all ends the same

While you think you are the only one

thousands and more stars just as broken as you

moan to the moon

knowing the end will not come so soon

the only thing one can do is to endure

temptations, trials, pain, suffering

it is not easy but it is the only way to stay here

and move on no metter what it takes to get to the goal

do not let others interfere

even if for them you are a zero

in your life you are a hero

Fear& idealist

Fear= safety – step out of it! allow yourself to live and breathe You are going to suffocate in here dragged, drowned in your own mind-created fear

When idealist abandons his dreams & ideas dreams become bullets ideas become guns They commit the crime. Broken mind is the most dangerous kind.


 Martina Rimbaldo is a 29 year  old  women  who lives and works in Croatia. She always  wears a pen and a notebook in her purse in the  case of a sudden inspiration in order to write it down. Her work is  published in Nightingale &Sparrow, Oddball Magazine, The sage cigarette magazine,, Thruly you,The Street Light press websites, and her artwork is published at weekly blog of Royal Rose Magazine, her photographs are published  in Bleached Butterfly and Anti heroin chic. Loves to paint abstract painting,  read religious books, watch horror as well as old movies with Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Tate, Brigitte Bardot who happens to share her  birth date and (over)thinks specially about death, what some people find morbid but not her, it is a part of life too. Her goal is to be a good person.

TruckInClearCut and Other Photos by Daniel Pravda

Still Shining

Looking at the simple beauty of the world around us is something that this pandemic cannot take away from us. I always get excited seeing Daniel Pravda’s work because he captures the stillness in a way that feels alive. Take a look!



Daniel Pravda takes photographs of beautiful decay. He lives in Virginia and drives to the farmlands of eastern Virginia and North Carolina. He finds countless abandoned farmhouses, barns, trucks, tractors, churches, etc., and many broadcast beauty to the open-eyed. More personally, seeing lovely decay helps him deal with our own decay.

The Beach – Poem and Photograph by Maggie Shaw

Still Shining

Reminisce about the beach with Maggie Shaw! She paints the picture of serenity that we can hold onto while we wait for the pandemic to pass.

The Beach
I know the sand still meets the sea.
I know the gulls still soar.
I wonder if they wonder why
we don’t come anymore.
I used to do the four mile walk
that ended by the dune.
The lighthouse where I used to sit,
will not reopen soon.
The old man who would fly his kite,
the children all in line,
are staying safe inside their homes
as I stay safe in mine.
I miss my walks along the beach
and solitude is fair,
but still I long for rippling waves
and all the people there.
I do not know when I’ll return
to feel the sun’s warm rays.
But as for now, I’ll close my eyes
and wait for better days.


Maggie Shaw

I am a poet, photographer and retired educator. I live on Long Island.

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