It’s the Little Things

July Online Open Mic has come to an end, but their inspiration keeps pushing us! Each artist brought us so much to think about and digest to start off our summer, and I’m so thankful for every one of them!

As we move into August, I still feel the world breathing heavy. The tenacious things we are, we keep adjusting and adapting to our current situation. This is amazing, but it comes at a cost of energy depletion. I’m here to remind you, you’re doing good! You’re still here and fighting? That’s powerful! Be proud of yourself!

When I go through hard times, I’ve found that what gets me through the most are the little things. The tiniest of details to my day that would otherwise go unnoticed. If only seconds of joy, it gives my mind a small respite in the chaos to smile, to laugh (even if the laughter is from bitter humor), to have hope, or to simply enjoy something.

This month, I’ve called out to the artists to bring me little things to help each one of us get through our days and they did not disappoint! Get ready to see a month of little things to bring you the respite you need to keep fighting your battles!

-Mia Savant

Black – by Karly Robinson

June is here! We are halfway through the year and it feels like we are just getting started. To recharge yourself for the last half of the year, come explore some art.

Today we have a particularly sultry and spicy poem, and I am loving it!

Read this, by Karly Robinson:

BLACK – by Karly Robinson

More seductive than the spread of her legs is the tilt of the bottle

Better have a sip before you taste her lips

Her tongue wets your mouth with curls of sweetness

You crave The Bitter.

The Bite.

The Weakness.

Inside of yourself

Her shape is around you, inside you

In clear view

Her body an avenue leading you home

That hourglass, secret stash

Detour to happiness

Lover of loneliness

Arches her back

Her eyes search the soul of you

Craving the whole of you

Hating the hole in you

Calling it black

Liquify dreams from clouds to rain

Stifle the pain as they slide down the drain

Drink it in, and spit it out

Throw it up

There is no drought

In you

Just an endless quenching

A soulless encounter

A loveless affair

Thank god that you found her

Life is Pain – And So is Passion

You may have been wondering about my slogan. What do I mean by “Life is Pain – And so is passion?” Well, my Ponderbots, allow me to explain.

                Life is more than just pain, obviously, but I wanted to focus on this particular aspect that consumes such a large portion. It’s easy to want to find a way to push away pain. It’s there all around us, and yet, it always feels so unnatural, so wrong, like it is something that should not exist. And yet it does exist and quite frequently it is a dominating factor in our wellbeing.

                Everyone finds their own individual versions on how to cope with pain. Some might pretend its not there at all. They fake the smiles, bottle up the emotions, and push it down far deep and away. Others might try to avoid it at all cost, sheltering their lives in a box that holds a limited amount of life. Still others might attempt to mask it with a distraction of some sorts.

Whatever the method of choice, I can’t help but notice, tragically, that the pain is still there. Denial doesn’t change a truth. Avoidance only leads to a new version of pain. Masking can only hide a problem for a temporary amount of time, it can never be a permanent solution.

This may seem rather gloomy, and you are right, it is, but my thought process is, why not embrace it? Not that we should deny the joy that it is there. Joy should be equally embraced, but life being the fickle thing that it is, makes it possible to hold multiple emotions simultaneously.

If the idea of embracing pain makes you cringe, allow me to share with you the benefits that I have found from this particular reframing:


                Validation holds a power like none other. Knowing other people suffer in the same way we do is a huge part of feeling emotionally supported. We want to know that our pain is real and that it holds, at the very least, a measure of validity. This pain that we don’t know what to do with gets trapped inside our hearts and minds. It tears us apart even more if we think that we are the only ones struggling with it. We feel isolated, crazy, or maybe like a freak. When we hear that someone else hurts in the same way we do, it eases the tension and gives us that much needed reassurance that we are not alone in this world.

                If we hear about someone’s success and that is all we hear, it is easy to think that they achieved it out of some uncontrollable luck that was graced upon them. We might think, “Why am I not so lucky? Am I not good enough?” It can lead to feeling inferior, which can lead to giving up. However, if we hear the struggles a person has to get to a success, and we realize that they had to battle all of the same human struggles that we are going through ourselves, then it may just inspire us to keep the hope and keep fighting.


                If we can accept that pain exists and do not shy away from it, then we can use it to our advantage. Instead of avoiding pain, we can put our energy into a specific type of pain in order to achieve an outcome.

“How can we do this?!” you ask excitedly in your skepticism. Let me give you an example:

 Should we never exercise or eat healthy, our bodies will eventually have health problems and be in pain. However, if we exercise and eat healthy, it may be a painful process now, but it’s pain that will achieve something in the long run.   

You see, pain is still part of the equation, but in this scenario, we can choose which pain we are willing to suffer with. When we embrace the pain, we can then ask the question: What type of pain will lead us to a productive outcome?


                There will, of course, be pain that we have no control over, which I won’t deny is a huge source of our pain. When this happens, we still have options. We can use one of our proven blocking of pain listed at the beginning, which is sure to feel safe and produce no outcome, or we can channel it into something that we care about.

Channeling pain is part of what makes art so beautiful and alive. For instance, how a sad song can be medicine for our spirits, or how a stand-up comic can bring a laugh to an otherwise horrifying situation. These things can fill our souls and make us feel like we have purpose. This is more than just a hobby to keep us from being bored. It brings vibrancy and color to an otherwise dull existence.

                What kind of passion should we choose? Get ready for the answer to this because it is the most exciting part of it all: Anything. Anything done with heart can change hearts and minds if we have the courage to make ourselves vulnerable and authentic with it.

                What fills us with love? What fills us with fire? What are we willing to suffer for?

                Life is pain – and so is passion. If pain is always going to be part of the equation, then let’s find our passion and unapologetically dive into that which makes being alive worth it.

Gravel Road by Karly Robinson

If you liked last week’s poem by Karly Robinson, you are in luck!

Get lost in the imagery as you soak up this poem that is sure to enthrall:


Gravel Road

By Karly Robinson


I hear tears in her voice

Years of this choice

Walking down gravel roads

Each stone upturned is a lesson learned

Then forgotten as if long ago


Sun lights upon the pavement

Making a statement

She turns her face to the glare

Heat softens the tar exposes the scars

Relinquishing tightly held prayers


Bliss is her companion

Her sweetest ignorance

Dreams are her indulgence

Reality at its best


Truth is in her eyes

She never looks too long

A moment in her gaze

Is a moment quickly gone


Too much guilt

Too much hurt

Too much shame

Too much love

Gritty ground up love

Paper Dream by Karly Robinson

Today’s poem is written by the beautiful person inside and out, Karly Robinson!

Karly was born and raised in Alaska and has spent her life participating in a plethora of creative activities. She exceled in gymnastics and dance, and never failed to bring a beaming smile to every performance. I personally had the pleasure of singing with her in the choir when we were children. I got to watch her develop into an incredible solo vocalist as well.

This determined woman has used her energetic optimism to bring joy to all those around her. With beauty and grace, she even spread her excitement for life in Germany where she worked as an Au Pair for some time. While there, she challenged herself by learning to speak German and built a whole new community around herself. She learned from new acquaintances, made new friends, and some friends that became like family. Her cultural experience only enhanced her love for people and her ability to be accepting of everyone no matter their differences.

Currently, Karly works as a gymnastics coach in Alaska where she not only continues her passion for the art, but also sets a great role model for the children she teaches.

Her busy schedule, however, does not stop her from other creative expressions. Drawing from personal experiences, she uses writing to express some of the struggles in her life. Her writing is full of depth and heartfelt emotion.

Please enjoy this captivating poem by Karly Robinson:

Paper Dream

By Karly Robinson


The further the space, the more I create you

Inside my mind with fancy words

Stretched too far across the page

Taking too long to bounce back

Like me

I’m not up to the expectation

Like you.

Always we said

And always you did

And I was always falling…

Away from you; Short; Too far to come back.

Paper you is soft to my touch

and warm to my taste

Like a breath of sunshine

inside my lungs and around my heart

The ink is fading but I memorized every word

I can still touch you and write you and know you

Inside my paper dream