My Mother & Death is Not a Woe – Painting and Poetry by O.Yemi Tubi

July Online Open Mic

How peaceful and soothing the embrace of a mother! O.Yemi Tubi uniquely captures this motherly bond with his vibrant painting and poetry. Also, don’t miss his other poem on not fearing death.


My Mother the colourful Rose
In our household
Emitting the aroma
of love and care.
The sweat of her brow,
the nutrient of our youth.
Her nectar nourished
and nurtured our growth.

My Mother the busy Bee
Of our household.
Travelled far and near
Collecting nectar
for the care of the family
Proverbs 31 woman
She surpassed

My Mother the aged Rose
Of the family
Baby now she became
In need of love and care.
We her petals, may we be
her garments of warm and care
In this her sunset years

My Mother the aging Rose
Looking homewards bound.
Awaiting the call to glory.
When her sun finally sets
the call to glory she capitulated
We her petals, Almighty God I plead
Us enabled to bid her adieu
With pomp and pageantry
A befitting honour that due for her.

Death is not a Woe 

Death is not woe, For those in

Christ they trust Beautiful

butterfly, From dead caterpillar

emerge, Heaven’s glory, no

one can see. If in the body of

clay remain. 

When this body of clay is shed, The glory

of heaven revealed To those washed in

the blood of the lamb. 

Death is an exit From the world of

aches and pains. An entrance to the

glory we long to see. 

Do not wail, do not fret. Your

loved one on Christ’s bosom Laid



O.Yemi Tubi


Paintings by Līga Kalniņa

July Online Open Mic

Līga Kalniņa is a painter from Latvia! Each piece brings emotion while her style also has a soft and inviting space.

Artist statement

My name is Līga Kalniņa(born 03.01.1990. Riga, Latvia).Now I’m living in small city Ķemeri and capitalcity Riga. My artist interests is mainly realistically based. My works of landscapes, architecture, portraits, still lifes, collage, assemblage have quite wide style and expression. I use gold, silver, metal leaves for my artworks, mix media, acrylic, watercolour, oil paint, varnish. I like different formats for my work – from small postcard type papers to 2×4 m canvases. I’m working on artworks of my hometown Ķemeri architecture and history, which could be my all life project. My artistic ideas interact with my experience and time. I am interested in depth and clarity of expression. I like to explore monumental shape, space, scale and speed. My goal in art is to create my own story of this time, capturing timeless emotions and passions. 


Artist Līga Kalniņa(1990) is born in Riga, Latvia. Her painter career begin with early childhood watercolor exercise with mother. Now living in small city Ķemeri and capitalcity Riga. Professional education was gained  graduating Art school of Jūrmala(2009), Art teachers bachelor(2013) and Pedagogy magister(2015) in University of Latvia, and Art science magister in Art Academy of Latvia(2017). Exhibition experiance since 2005, personal show in 2009, more than 30 group exhibitions participant till now. Have written scientific article in early children artistic education (2016). Member of Artist Union of Latvia since 2018. Winner of Art competitions and  exhibition wiever prices (Art Day’s 2018, Marina Biennale 2019). Had art residency in Zvārtava castle 2019. Her artist interests is mainly realistically based, (landscapes, architecture, portraits, still lifes, collage, assemblage)with some decorative features like gold or silver leaves. Working on long time project capturing her hometown Ķemeri.

Paintings by Anindya Roy

July Online Open Mic

Come see the beautiful paintings of Anindya Roy! Each one painted with incredible thought behind it. As you absorb each piece, be sure to also take the time to be inspired by reading about the concepts behind them.

Environment of Corona Effect
Speed in Front of Monument


During the period of training my works were mostly the reflectionof the city life, the aspiration and dreams of the urban middle class living in a molt-cultural and multi-lingual society.  Those days I crated the works like ‘back to the city’, ‘nagorik’ etc., by mixed media.  

To develop the concept I have been traveling historical, and culturally significant places and try to conceptualize the togetherness of living and non-living objects and a sense of mystery.  Things and particular colour encompassed me, thus my creative mind and feelings is blend.  Through I have social, ritual relation with my surroundings, I would like to search there hidden relations of mine in my works.  It is known there a relation among the living and non- living beings in nature. I saw a rhythm with the costume, ornaments, happiness, sorrow and habits of the rural people, I is wonderful to me when I inhale those things then, I express my feelings of love through my visual art work.  Some times ‘ composition ‘ starts from my dream, which leads to reality by using any conventional and non- conventional skills. Here art evokes with emotion, braveness of mind and necessary experience.  A mysterious spiritual height appears in my recent works to illuminate the images.  Thus a series of paintings came out which were titled as  ‘ conceptual –scape’.  It happened in my sub conscious and not on any stereotype conventional norms, they are unique on there own right as my feelings are.

We know the nature has a universal approach that I would like to share.  I visited Ajanta and Ellora and surrounding caves where I saw yellowish stone in roof and ceiling and walls in cave perhaps that was a meditation room and yellow colour also represents knowledge and intelligibility.  Where the ancient highly skilled sculptor did purposely or not is not a vital matter to me at that moment, but I was intoxicated by the environment of Ellora.  So I expressed my feelings through there ‘ mind scapes” for that purpose I have to travel more. 

In my works human figure and other objects some times signify a character sometimes not, simultaneously they are used to balance the paintings.  The motives are also used to decorate the painted surfaces.  Colour used in big space come balance, blue for communication and knowledge or red for empowerment.  I forgot my which at action yet the final eventuality of unconscious effort does bare conspicuously my nature and attitude. 

My pleasure gets multiplied if my art soothes the sole of the viewers and comfort their mind and eye.  Somewhere my works have got flavors of spirituality and miniature of ancient Indian art.


Anindya Roy

2D Artwork by Cynthia Yatchman

July Online Open Mic

Cynthia Yatchman’s serene and exotic paintings are sure to bring goodness to your day! She captures the many layers to life, the bold and the subtle, creating a sense of magic that rests in the simple beauties.

Artist Statement-In my 2D work, I work primarily with acrylic and latex paints, inks, papers and charcoal. My images contain many diverse layers of meaning from the universal to the specific and personal. My works are often abstract. I am frequently interested in pattern and/or creating a rich sensual surface by making layer upon layer of marks. There is often an unseen history within these layers as images are obscured and revealed. My work frequently gives reference to my experience with nature and I usually have an ongoing series that is more representational focusing on flowers, birds and animals and the human figure. At times my work speaks to issues of social justice, revelation and connection.


Cynthia Yatchman is a Seattle based artist and art instructor. With an M.A. in child development and a B. A. in education, she has a strong interest in art education and teaches art to adults, children and families. A former ceramicist, she studied with J.T. Abernathy in Ann Arbor, MI. After receiving her B.F.A. in painting from the University of Washington she changed to 2D work and has stayed there since, working primarily on paintings, prints and collages. Her art is housed in numerous public and private collections and has been shown nationally in California, Connecticut, New York, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon and Wyoming. She has exhibited extensively in the Northwest, including shows at Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, Shoreline Community College, the Tacoma and Seattle Convention Centers and the Pacific Science Center.


Instagram: CynthiaYatchmanArt

Facebook: Cynthia Yatchman

Forgotten Borough & Other Poems by Eduard Schmidt-Zorner

July Online Open Mic

Eduard Schmidt-Zorner gifts us with sharing his oil painting as well as his poetry today. He expresses his experiences and sorrows with the Corona Virus. Let’s join with him in his reverence for those who’ve passed, as well as the appreciation of life.


Forgotten Borough

Coffins stacked side by side on Staten Island.
without wreath and floral decoration.
Hastily shovelled earth rumbles on cheap wood.
No prayer, no commemoration, no last salute.
As the last humane appearance
people in protective clothing
shoulder the shovels as a salute.

Coffins side by side, with dead who never met.
Anonymously as they arrived
so do they part again.
Coffins on a site where over decades
shiploads of burdened, persecuted,
passed by on their way to Ellis Island
under the flame of hope from far away.

Buried now side by side
and on top of one another
and with them buried the American dream,
dreamt by millions
who fell back or were born in poverty,
in a rejected class, with the wrong colour,
failed, ill, disabled, no WASPS for sure.

And a pimp in his fine suit still mocks them.
“10000 dead a great job”.
Signs cheques to buy votes.
To make him great again.
Dug graves, digging a grave for him too.
The gravedigger spits in his hands
and does not keep a distance.
Grim Reaper grins, reaps a rich harvest.
What a success, the numbers are rising,
but not on the balance sheet.

Death pulls the doughy mask off his skull,
a grinning skeleton
that keeps the world in suspense,
powerful, power-obsessed,
now the maggots are licking their lips.
His coffin will also be made of wood,
maybe with a little more varnish,
but 6 feet under it will soon come off
and make all equal…..So equal.

Condemned to wait

I am sitting in a train
which does not leave the station.
Nobody knows the departure time.
Discussions on the platform
by people in uniform
and worried travellers.
Experts draw deviating conclusions.
All seems fine
but seconds later doom
and disappointment.
Some leave the train
and are never seen again.
Some turn to entertainment
and read or write.
And for spite,
the announcement says
that all have to wait
further three weeks.

We speak again…

We speak again of heroes,
we speak again of war.
Hundred thousand victims,
thousands of dead and coffins,
at an invisible front.

We speak again of suffering,
we speak again of who is worth to live.
Emergency laws are passed,
harsh rules, curfews imposed.
We face shortage, rationalisation.
History repeats.

For the politicians we are pawns.
There will be war profiteers,
charlatans will raise their heads.
Mass graves, deserted regions.
Nothing will be as before.

Enforced rest

Re-dating history,
revitalize deleted words,
see butterflies with closed eyes,
patiently counting dead flies,
that fell from the windowpanes,
kill time,
and lie to the clock every now and then,
read again what has been read,
hum forgotten melodies,
dig through yellowed photos
and be glad that fate spared me
when I see
photos of ex-girlfriends,
who went out of shape,
and passed the aphroditic stage.
Nod off now and then,
without being reprimanded,
talk to the dogs
and lecture the cats
about impermanence.
Watching the sheep graze so peacefully,
the clouds on the mountains, the Reeks,
and follow the flight of the gull,
that floats weightlessly.
Wait and see what the future brings,
when we have to race restlessly again.

Silky case

Twelve weeks served
in prison without bars.
Days dripped like a leaky faucet.
Calendar shows five months elapsed.

As my own faithful companion
I looked over my shoulder
while writing
and wrote down at the same time
how I looked over my shoulder.
Words whisper side effects.

Age poses the grumpy question:
How much longer? Isolation.
We see the world sinking into wars
and collateral damage
and with determination
going astray.

I pupated to wait like a silk moth
to emerge from the cocoon
or like a caterpillar
to become something colourful.

Became, as if to add insult to injury,
stultified in banishment.
Everything is covered in mildew
even my brain
not to speak about my soul.

What I miss is dialogue,
the voices of the others,
the reaction, the advice,
the warmth, the embrace,
exchange of inspiration
and hopefully empathy, too,
the vibrations of the mind.


Berlin, long ago
an island in a hostile sea.
Cut off in an August
from the rest of the world
by a wall.
Wherever you went
you bumped into barriers
and concrete blocks
3.6 metres high
in the centre
the Brandenburg Gate.

Restricted, incarcerated.
An island kept alive
by an air lift
to make sure all had to eat
and coal to heat.

I remembered that when I felt
like on an island
when the virus threatened
and surrounded us
and we were not allowed
to leave or fly out.

How lucky we are.
At least the glance is not limited
by grey bricks.
And there is no barbed wire
to restrict our way.

There are friends and neighbours
who provide.
They give serenity
in our isolation.

Social impoverishment

Audible and cognitive fatigue
when listening to certain keywords,
emotive terms. Corona, Covid19.
The fear of the unexplored,
the unknown enemy,
the invisible blight.
Rumbling carts of the corpse collectors:
“Hand out the dead” accompanied by drumbeats.
Memories of the Middle Ages.
Camus’ “The Plague” is recommended
to be read during these dull days,
also, as a pastime for those elderly
they want to sacrifice to the gods,
to ask for good tidings
and to appease unknown spirits.
Weighing, triaging,
whom they allow surviving
or whom to abandon
in the rough sea of this fight.
Like on the Auschwitz ramp:
You to the left, you go to the right.
Hoarding of toilet paper
and shifting of masks
by elegant dealers.
The black market is flourishing.
The greed, the avarice, selfishness
is not killed by the virus.
Hatred thrives even more.
The search for culprits, well-poisoners.
When you think the Dark Age is over,
it peeks around the corner.
The dark instincts, desire to kill, violence,
the Neanderthalian takes its place,
is pathbreaking again.
Culture just swam free,
is drowning, lost now
in the whirlpool of events.
The thin skin,
music, art, science, ethic,
torn apart and reveals betrayal,
utter aberration.
Futility and senselessness
in the face of abuse of power,
wars, oppression.
All malevolent spirits
believed forgotten
are rising again.
The free opinion is punished,
religion imposed,
heads cut off, education denied,
equal rights undermined,
opportunities smashed.

We do not need tear-gas to cry.

Time void

A rock as outpost
of a person in seclusion.
Summer without people.
Months of loneliness,
without conversation.
A boat bobbing on a lake
in its own indivisible time,
on a Sunday without end.
A lonely seagull his companion.
Both keep distance, eying each other.
He hears voices, but discards them,
the whisper of faces,
he cannot see.
Vague sound memories
of the last carefree year.
Not a soul is here.
A bookmark in a book,
which he reads again and again,
an expired train ticket.
For a train he never took,
a journey he never made.
Time as a band
that ties in with the past.


The years will pass,
eagles will circle up in the sky,
roses will be picked for someone,
and a wreath braided for a head,
flowers are bound for a grave.
And the sun and the moon
will set the rhythm
for day and night;
tears will flow
and laughter will be heard.
Everything repeats itself
and goes down again.
The eternal cycle.


Eduard Schmidt-Zorner is a translator and writer of poetry, haibun, haiku and short stories.

He writes in four languages: English, French, Spanish and German and holds workshops on Japanese and Chinese style poetry and prose.

Member of four writer groups in Ireland and lives in County Kerry, Ireland, for more than 25 years and is a proud Irish citizen, born in Germany.

Published in 103 anthologies, literary journals and broadsheets in USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Bangladesh, India, France, Mauritius, Nigeria and Canada.

Solidarity – Watercolor Painting by Analia Adorni

Still Shining

Being there for each other is what it’s all about. During this time we have to change the way we usually show it, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. Analia Adornia is showing that she is there for others in solidarity by painting a touching watercolor picture of unfeigned care.

Self Portrait


Analia Adorni

Production and Exhibitions of contemporary interdisciplinary arts

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Still Shining- May Series

Good Morning, Ponderbots!

May is here and we have a power packed month full of artists! I was blown away with the amount of participation for this series, and I am so excited! We even have two artists a day for some of the days!

As Covid-19 has brought the world to quarantines and lockdowns, causing the world to shift, there is some things that it cannot take away, our creative spirits. Our mediums may have to be altered, as well as our subject matters, but life prevails through art.

Our hearts go out to everyone fighting the illness and the ones in the frontlines. While they fight the sickness head on, the artists encourage and inspire, which keep up the spirit and validate the hardships. All of us taking the small part we have in this world to work together as a team.

This month is some of the work people have been doing while they’ve been in isolation, and I am in such awe of all the accomplishments despite the tribulations.

We are still here, we are still fighting, and we are still shining.

-Mia Savant

Suryani – Online Open Mic

Woman On Cycling
One Moment in Time
Follow My Feeling
Photo Grafer
Right Here Waiting For You



I was born at Banyuwangi East Java,Indonesia.

I have graduated  from Stiba University in Malang, East Java,Indonesia with a bachelor of arts degree in foreign literature and languages, I fell in love with art and I cannot stop loving it. I read a book “Everyone can draw” which motivated me to start learning how to draw, I then completed a private art course for 6 months, it turns out that I am an artist. Bali inspired me as strongly as the artistic blood is flowing in me. Artists such as William Hofker and Ton Schulten have inspired and influenced my style of art.  Aboriginal art also has had a profound influence.

By following modern arts and through self-development, I have finally became a consensusism artist.

Consensusism style is characterized by abstract geometric compositional works in balance with the roots of impressionism and the elements of shape, light and color.

Exhibition 2020

Group Exhibition Art Connecting Woman “In commemoration of International Women’s Day”

4th -8th March 2020,Grand Gallery,Arabian Court one &Only Royal Mirage Dubai

Exhibition 2019

Solo Exhibition at Royal Beach Hotel Seminyak from 1st March 2019 until 15th January 2020

Group Exhibition at Kaktus Art Space Sanur from 6th April from 21st April

Group Exhibition at Monkey Forest Gallery from 26th April until 26th May

Group Exhibition at Lv8 Hotel Canggu- Bali  from 26th July until 24th September

Group Exhibition at Studio Jaring ,Batu-Malang East Java from 15th  August until 27th

Group Exhibition at Hadiprana Galellery Jakarta 30th November until 22nd  December

Exhibition 2018

Solo exhibition at Café Des Ubud, Bali from 1st August until 30th October.

Group exhibition at Padhapa Art Space Jogjakarta  from 25th August until 5th September.

Group exhibition at Art Center Denpasar- Bali from 4th  November until 10th  November.

Exhibitions 2017

Group exhibition at Art Patio gallery Lovina, Bali, Indonesia from 4th March until 20th May

Group exhibition Bali art camping at Made Budiana Gallery, Loh Tunduh, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia from 8th April until 8th May

Group exhibition “Female artist” on June at Art center, Denpasar Bali-Indonesia

Solo Exhibition at Maison Aurelia Hotel Sanur, Bali-Indonesia from 17th September until 17th  November.

Group exhibition “Female artist” on 22rd December 2017 until 22rd January 2018 at Monkey Forest Gallery Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Exhibitions 2016

Group exhibition on January at Darwin, Australia.

Solo exhibition at Lestari Grill & Pasta restaurant Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia from March until November

Group exhibition on December at 501 Petitenget Hotel, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Exhibition 2015

Solo exhibition on April at Dandelion Restaurant, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Art Camping Darwin Australia from June until July.

Solo exhibition on October at Hotel Neo Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Exhibition at Kaja Art Space Ubud, Bali, Indonesia from 12th November until 20th November.

Group exhibition at Gorontalo Sulawesi, Indonesia from 21st November until 30th November.

I had my first solo exhibition at the “Ginger Moon” Restaurant in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia from December 2013 until January 2014.

The second solo exhibition at Lestari Restaurant in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia from August until September 2014.

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Facebook: Woman Artist Suryani