Frutti Fresqui – Watercolor Painting by Analia Adorni

Adorably Horror Series – Analia Adorni

“Frutti Fresqui”(Fresh fruits)


Analia Adorni was born in Argentina and studied at the National University of Arts of Buenos Aires. She winced the fellowship for artisans of Tuscany Region and moved to Italy where she continues the studies at Visual Center of Pietrasanta (Tuscany)and Il Bisonte (Center for Printmaking in Florence). She participates in  collective exhibitions in Argentina, Italy and others countries of Europe and America and she maded solo exhibitions in Island (Lhistus Art Gallery), Italy (Casa di Dante, Florence) Spain(Cal Gras Residency of Arts) and Argentina (University of Social Sciences) . She developed residencies of arts in France and my artworks are in Museums in Italy, Argentina and Ukraina.


The Queen of Hearts – Acrylic Painting by Michelle Souter

The Heroines Among Us

A perfect end to our series recognizing women, Michelle Souter shares with us her marvelous painting of Princess Diana! A heroine in her time, and inspiration even now, Souter captures the grace and beauty of this notable woman.

The Queen of Hearts, 2020  – Acrylic on Canvas


I’m Michelle Souter aka @_dolly_dooo_42. I’ve been making art since I was a child. After completing my BA and MFA, I worked on my solo career and opened @lazylinepainterbelle. My main passion though is tattooing. And I really hope one day to find an apprentice position one day…..if I’m lucky.

GELE (Africans’ Head Wrap): Vintage and Modern – Painting by O. Yemi Tubi

The Heroines Among Us

O. Yemi Tubi lovingly recognizes his mother and all African Mothers in this masterpiece of colors and imagery! His painting perfectly captures the quiet warmth, culture, and the dedication of these heroines.

Artist Statement:

GELE (Africans’ Head Wrap): Vintage and Modern

This painting is a homage to my mother and to all the industrious African mothers of the vintage years. They spent quality time with their children while working to support their families. They carried their children on their backs while working on the farms or managing their trading stalls. The artist’s mum carried her child on her back and on her head is the tray of fabrics she sells from door to door to provide for her family.


O. Yemi Tubi

Diva Daughter – Acrylic Painting by Rifa Tasfia

The Heroines Among Us

Rifa Tasfia expresses strength in the overcome struggles of women in her painting, Diva Daughter! Read her description to understand the depth of the beautiful image she created!

Artwork description: “Diva Daughter” represents inspiration itself. For me personally inspiration those heroines who we look at differently. The Fat girl who is fat shamed mostly all her life is a heroine. The rape survivors in my country who shamed are the heroines. The girl who almost killed herself and now is on a greater path is a heroine herself. The mothers who sacrifice thier dreams and career and what not are the heroins. The feminist who is always shamed for being one teaches her sons to be respectful towards girls are the heroins. The girl with darker skin toned abused all her life for the way she looks is a heroine. The artists who are accused for ruining thier life choosing art as passion are also the heroines. Heroines comes from all forms of human, and we should respect all for thier differences.


Rifa Tasfia


Instagram – @tazflea

Mektefia Styled Women Paintings by Tamerat Siltan

The Heroines Among Us

The Mektefia is an Ethiopian wooden chopping board. Tamerat Siltan took the shape of the Mektefia as his base to create the female form in scenes of social and political topics. Take a look below at these captivating paintings that are so much more than pretty forms, but hold such a deeper meaning, just like the women they represent.

Artist Statement:


Summer & Other Paintings by Nina Budgadze

It’s the Little Things

Nina Budgadze paintings are filled to the brim with pleasing images and color combinations! She pulls you into the simple moments and makes you want to jump into the scene and be nowhere else but there.

The Meeting
The House of Cats
The Lovers
Place for Secret Meetings
The Road


Nina Budgadze


Joyful Paintings by Emily Shih

It’s the Little Things

I am certain you will be finding the joy in these paintings as much as I have! Emily Shih has the goal of using her paintings to lift others up and she definitely succeeds in her endeavors. Come take them in to bring goodness to your day!


My name is Emily Shih. I am an self-taught artist who lives in Taiwan. I work primarily in acrylic and watercolor. My artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Taiwan, New York, South Korea, South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. 

I fell in love with creating art at an early age and has never stopped in the pursuit of this passion. For me, art is about falling in love with something, it’s about the feelings it conjures 

up inside you. 

My artworks are inspired by nature’s beauty. I love using rich and vivid color on painting. By piling up different shapes of hue blocks, I transform the realist world into a bright and splendid world of my own. This is how I praise nature, and a way of self-expression. 

I believe that artworks can bring people a lot of throbbing of mind, therefore, I want to use my work to heal people’s hearts. I want for people to look at my artworks and feel the same thing that I do- peaceful, happiness, joy and always believing in something good. So, I welcome you to join me on this visual journey. 




My Mother & Death is Not a Woe – Painting and Poetry by O.Yemi Tubi

July Online Open Mic

How peaceful and soothing the embrace of a mother! O.Yemi Tubi uniquely captures this motherly bond with his vibrant painting and poetry. Also, don’t miss his other poem on not fearing death.


My Mother the colourful Rose
In our household
Emitting the aroma
of love and care.
The sweat of her brow,
the nutrient of our youth.
Her nectar nourished
and nurtured our growth.

My Mother the busy Bee
Of our household.
Travelled far and near
Collecting nectar
for the care of the family
Proverbs 31 woman
She surpassed

My Mother the aged Rose
Of the family
Baby now she became
In need of love and care.
We her petals, may we be
her garments of warm and care
In this her sunset years

My Mother the aging Rose
Looking homewards bound.
Awaiting the call to glory.
When her sun finally sets
the call to glory she capitulated
We her petals, Almighty God I plead
Us enabled to bid her adieu
With pomp and pageantry
A befitting honour that due for her.

Death is not a Woe 

Death is not woe, For those in

Christ they trust Beautiful

butterfly, From dead caterpillar

emerge, Heaven’s glory, no

one can see. If in the body of

clay remain. 

When this body of clay is shed, The glory

of heaven revealed To those washed in

the blood of the lamb. 

Death is an exit From the world of

aches and pains. An entrance to the

glory we long to see. 

Do not wail, do not fret. Your

loved one on Christ’s bosom Laid



O.Yemi Tubi


Paintings by Līga Kalniņa

July Online Open Mic

Līga Kalniņa is a painter from Latvia! Each piece brings emotion while her style also has a soft and inviting space.

Artist statement

My name is Līga Kalniņa(born 03.01.1990. Riga, Latvia).Now I’m living in small city Ķemeri and capitalcity Riga. My artist interests is mainly realistically based. My works of landscapes, architecture, portraits, still lifes, collage, assemblage have quite wide style and expression. I use gold, silver, metal leaves for my artworks, mix media, acrylic, watercolour, oil paint, varnish. I like different formats for my work – from small postcard type papers to 2×4 m canvases. I’m working on artworks of my hometown Ķemeri architecture and history, which could be my all life project. My artistic ideas interact with my experience and time. I am interested in depth and clarity of expression. I like to explore monumental shape, space, scale and speed. My goal in art is to create my own story of this time, capturing timeless emotions and passions. 


Artist Līga Kalniņa(1990) is born in Riga, Latvia. Her painter career begin with early childhood watercolor exercise with mother. Now living in small city Ķemeri and capitalcity Riga. Professional education was gained  graduating Art school of Jūrmala(2009), Art teachers bachelor(2013) and Pedagogy magister(2015) in University of Latvia, and Art science magister in Art Academy of Latvia(2017). Exhibition experiance since 2005, personal show in 2009, more than 30 group exhibitions participant till now. Have written scientific article in early children artistic education (2016). Member of Artist Union of Latvia since 2018. Winner of Art competitions and  exhibition wiever prices (Art Day’s 2018, Marina Biennale 2019). Had art residency in Zvārtava castle 2019. Her artist interests is mainly realistically based, (landscapes, architecture, portraits, still lifes, collage, assemblage)with some decorative features like gold or silver leaves. Working on long time project capturing her hometown Ķemeri.