Call For Submissions – Online Open Mic

Welcome to 2021, Ponderbots!

Welcome back, Ponderbots, and welcome to 2021! I’ve missed you all, and I am excited to see all the art that this year holds!

As we get our bearings in this new time, I want to invite you to submit your work! This is a call for submissions of every type of art on any topic. Free range to share your hearts and minds. What have you been pondering? What are you striving for this year? What are your feels? Come share them with me and all the Ponder Savant readers. Your expression of life and self is wanted here.

Submission Details

Free submission. Deadline January 31st, 2021.

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Email Mia Savant at using the subject line “Online Open Mic.”


1. Send your artwork on any topic, every art form welcome (written art, performance art, visual art, etc.).

Written Word – Send as word document

Visual Art – Send as .jpg

Performance art – Send as link to Youtube or Vimeo

Disclaimer: Submissions that include hate, discrimination, or inappropriate content will not be accepted.

2. Include a picture of yourself or any photo that you feel represents yourself as an artist.

3. Include any bios, links to your work, or social media sites that you would like to be shared.

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5. Spread the word! Let other artists know about the Online Open Mic by your social media sites or word of mouth!

Deadline for submission is January 31st, 20210

My Mother & Death is Not a Woe – Painting and Poetry by O.Yemi Tubi

July Online Open Mic

How peaceful and soothing the embrace of a mother! O.Yemi Tubi uniquely captures this motherly bond with his vibrant painting and poetry. Also, don’t miss his other poem on not fearing death.


My Mother the colourful Rose
In our household
Emitting the aroma
of love and care.
The sweat of her brow,
the nutrient of our youth.
Her nectar nourished
and nurtured our growth.

My Mother the busy Bee
Of our household.
Travelled far and near
Collecting nectar
for the care of the family
Proverbs 31 woman
She surpassed

My Mother the aged Rose
Of the family
Baby now she became
In need of love and care.
We her petals, may we be
her garments of warm and care
In this her sunset years

My Mother the aging Rose
Looking homewards bound.
Awaiting the call to glory.
When her sun finally sets
the call to glory she capitulated
We her petals, Almighty God I plead
Us enabled to bid her adieu
With pomp and pageantry
A befitting honour that due for her.

Death is not a Woe 

Death is not woe, For those in

Christ they trust Beautiful

butterfly, From dead caterpillar

emerge, Heaven’s glory, no

one can see. If in the body of

clay remain. 

When this body of clay is shed, The glory

of heaven revealed To those washed in

the blood of the lamb. 

Death is an exit From the world of

aches and pains. An entrance to the

glory we long to see. 

Do not wail, do not fret. Your

loved one on Christ’s bosom Laid



O.Yemi Tubi


Flight – Original Song by Acoustic Librarian

July Online Open Mic

Art inspires art! Come listen to Acoustic Librarian’s sweet love song inspired by a poem by Anne McCaffrey!



Two of us standing, alone by the sea,
You like a seabird, beautiful, free.
Suddenly darkness as I draw near your side.
How can I know you; oh what do you hide?

A whisper in shadows, a cry in the night,
Your soul tries to reach out, lost in its fright,
Cries, “Love me forever!” Hope tries to take flight.
Plunges to earth in morning’s light.

Together in darkness, is it love that we share?
Your silence unbroken grows harder to bear.
Passion transformed to anger unplanned;
The hurt in your heart I can’t understand.

A whisper in shadows, a cry in the night,
Your soul tries to reach out, lost in its fright,
Cries, “Love me forever or else I must die!”
Hope turns to mourning as flames fill the sky.

You came back to see me, revealing at last
Your reasons for silence, the pain in your past.
Finally I tell you feelings in me;
Can our words light the darkness and set both of us free?

A whisper in shadows, a cry in the night,
Your soul tries to reach out, overcomes fright.
I told you I love you; how bright were your eyes!
Hope amid longing as dawn fills the sky.

Lyrics and music by Acoustic Librarian
Inspired by a poem by Anne McCaffrey


Acoustic Librarian is a songwriter, open mic performer and technology librarian.  He lives in Southern California with his wife and their two cats.

Instagram: @AcousticLibrarian
Twitter: @AcousticLBR

Artwork by Tali Cohen Shabtai

July Online Open Mic

Tali Cohen Shabtai brings a striking blend of photography and poetry! Take a look at her beautiful work!


Tali Cohen Shabtai, is a poet, she was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She began writing poetry at the age of six, she had been an excellent student of literature. She began her writings by publishing her impressions in the school’s newspaper. First of all she published her poetry in a prestigious literary magazine of Israel ‘Moznayim’ when she was fifteen years old.

Tali has written three poetry books: Purple Diluted in a Black’s Thick, (bilingual 2007), Protest (bilingual 2012) and Nine Years Away From You (2018).

Tali’s poems expresses spiritual and physical exile. She is studying her exile and freedom paradox, her cosmopolitan vision is very obvious in her writings. She lived some years in Oslo Norway and in the U.S.A. She is very prominent as a poet with a special lyric, “she doesn’t give herself easily, but subject to her own rules”.

Tali studied at the “David Yellin College of Education” for a bachelor’s degree. She is a member of the Hebrew Writers Association and the Israeli Writers Association in the state of Israel.

In 2014, Cohen Shabtai also participated in a Norwegian documentary about poets’ lives called “The Last Bohemian”- “Den Siste Bohemien”,and screened in the cinema in Scandinavia. By 2020, her fourth book of poetry will be published which will also be published in Norway. Her literary works have been translated into many languages as well.

A Window View to Who We Are – Poem by Bob McNeil

July Online Open Mic

Today, Bob McNeil brings us the art of love poetry! Come watch him read his touching words.


Bob McNeil, writer, editor, and spoken word artist, is the author of Verses of Realness. Hal Sirowitz, a Queens Poet Laureate, called the book “A fantastic trip through the mind of a poet who doesn’t flinch at the truth.” Among Bob’s recent accomplishments, he found working on Lyrics of Mature Hearts to be a humbling experience because of the anthology’s talented contributors. Copies of that collection are available here:

Monsoon – Poetry by Muzzafar Ahmad Magray

July Online Open Mic

Soak in the luscious imagery of Muzzafar Ahmad Magray! Take in the encouragement he gives to appreciate our surroundings with love.


I like the monsoon,
When it is rain and rain.
Earth gets drenched,everything looks fresh as it can.
After scorching heat it is blessing in disguise.
Children are leaving homes,soaking in rain with cheerful noise.
O love you were flashing in my inward eye, as rain was falling with might.
I was in your lap and you were holding me tight.
O love I rested my head on thy arm.
Slowly I began to feel better and warm.
My love for you is like the tidy sea.
So powerful and deep it will be.
It was raining and our love was about to bloom.
Everything was rejuvenating, vanishing was gloom.
Our time was glorious and love was sweet.
We were love making with every heart beat.
I remember we dance and played in the rain.
Such was our love, forget we worldly pain.
When I wake,it was drizzling.
I was gaily and then i wanna sing.
O love, o love ,o love,o love.
I cherish you forever, today I vow.

© Muzzafar Magray


Muzzafar Ahmad Magray  hailing from the small hamlet, khundoora in District Anantnag  jammu and Kashmir (INDIA)POET,WRITER AND VORACIOUS  READER

Graphic Poems by San Lin Tun

July Online Open Mic

Don’t miss these charming and uplifting graphic poems! They are beautifully illustrated and written by San Lin Tun.

Artist Statement 

An illustration is needed to go with a poem to enhance its poetic sense. I wonder what if I illustrate my own poems. This idea came to me when I composed a couplet based on humorous, inspirational and motivational themes. I have seen a comeback of culture in which people send postcards to their endearing friends or families although e-postcards are available online. I think that I can use these images in the front face of postcards and so, I have published the first collection of graphic poems as postcards last year. The following are new ones except the poems ‘‘The Beautiful World’’ and ‘‘The Peace Door’’ which have already appeared in postcards.


San Lin Tun is a freelance writer of essays, poetry, short story and novel in Myanmar and English. He authored more than ten English books. His writings appeared in several local and international publications including Asia Literary Review, Kitaab, NAW, Mekong Review, Mad in Asia Pacific, Myanmar Times, Myanmmore, My Yangon Magazine, Ponder Savant, South East of Now and several others. He lives in Yangon. 

Rinsed With Morning’s Gold & Other Poems by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

July Online Open Mic

Bobbi Sinha-Morey’s refreshing poetry is here to uplift your day! Come take some time to relax and get lost in her calm words.

Rinsed With Morning’s Gold

From the ridge plums are
dangling from the vine like
ripe prayers, my cares waning
like a glacier’s melting thumb
looking to the sky where God
owns the heavens — a bird
changing its course in the wind,
the sun a streak of preach over
the lake, memories of the past
so far away from me having
bought my ticket with my tears
just to be here and that’s all
I’m going to spend, an idyllic
home by the water, my bedroom
window rinsed with morning’s
gold every day I waken.


Morning just at their door,
breathing in the light wind
after they’d slept tulips shyly,
modestly pose as the dawning
blue shadows begin to grow,
tulips bending on their willowy
stems, petals so prettily parting
at the throat, their knots uncurling,
tying their lives together; tulips
each one of them budding girls
or old divas lit by the heavens,
their love outlasting the sun.


On my bed I feel like
a jeweller, gold chains and
diamond necklaces before
me, and it’s my mission to
examine each one that, like
fine threads, have either been
coiled together or tangled into
a series of hard knots. With
a tiny needle from my sewing
basket and a magnifying glass
I study one knot at a time
under the lamplight, picking
apart every intricate strand
that fingers alone could never
undo. With a fine eye for detail
one sleek golden lace was set
free in ten minutes; a silver
one with an amethyst having
the fine workings of a Rolex
watch I hold closely to
extricate each knotted inch
til it was clean as a river.
I could never do it under
the mad insistence of an egg
timer or stopwatch. I could
do this for wages, be paid
a tidy sum for ladies and girls
in their teens who had clumsy
hands on rainy days or days
before a special occasion,
the bonus seeing the curving
lip and glowing cheek of
the wearer dressed to the nines
for a formal affair.


Bobbi Sinha-Morey’s poetry has appeared in a widevariety of places such as Plainsongs, Pirene’s Fountain, The Wayfarer, Helix Magazine,Miller’s Pond, The Tau, Vita Brevis, Cascadia Rising Review, Old Red KImono, andWoods Reader. Her books of poetry are available at and her work hasbeen nominated for Best of the Net in 2015 and the Best of the Net 2018 AnthologyAwards hosted by Sundress Publications.


Her website is located at

Paintings by Anindya Roy

July Online Open Mic

Come see the beautiful paintings of Anindya Roy! Each one painted with incredible thought behind it. As you absorb each piece, be sure to also take the time to be inspired by reading about the concepts behind them.

Environment of Corona Effect
Speed in Front of Monument


During the period of training my works were mostly the reflectionof the city life, the aspiration and dreams of the urban middle class living in a molt-cultural and multi-lingual society.  Those days I crated the works like ‘back to the city’, ‘nagorik’ etc., by mixed media.  

To develop the concept I have been traveling historical, and culturally significant places and try to conceptualize the togetherness of living and non-living objects and a sense of mystery.  Things and particular colour encompassed me, thus my creative mind and feelings is blend.  Through I have social, ritual relation with my surroundings, I would like to search there hidden relations of mine in my works.  It is known there a relation among the living and non- living beings in nature. I saw a rhythm with the costume, ornaments, happiness, sorrow and habits of the rural people, I is wonderful to me when I inhale those things then, I express my feelings of love through my visual art work.  Some times ‘ composition ‘ starts from my dream, which leads to reality by using any conventional and non- conventional skills. Here art evokes with emotion, braveness of mind and necessary experience.  A mysterious spiritual height appears in my recent works to illuminate the images.  Thus a series of paintings came out which were titled as  ‘ conceptual –scape’.  It happened in my sub conscious and not on any stereotype conventional norms, they are unique on there own right as my feelings are.

We know the nature has a universal approach that I would like to share.  I visited Ajanta and Ellora and surrounding caves where I saw yellowish stone in roof and ceiling and walls in cave perhaps that was a meditation room and yellow colour also represents knowledge and intelligibility.  Where the ancient highly skilled sculptor did purposely or not is not a vital matter to me at that moment, but I was intoxicated by the environment of Ellora.  So I expressed my feelings through there ‘ mind scapes” for that purpose I have to travel more. 

In my works human figure and other objects some times signify a character sometimes not, simultaneously they are used to balance the paintings.  The motives are also used to decorate the painted surfaces.  Colour used in big space come balance, blue for communication and knowledge or red for empowerment.  I forgot my which at action yet the final eventuality of unconscious effort does bare conspicuously my nature and attitude. 

My pleasure gets multiplied if my art soothes the sole of the viewers and comfort their mind and eye.  Somewhere my works have got flavors of spirituality and miniature of ancient Indian art.


Anindya Roy

White Heat & Other Poems by Joan McNerney

July Online Open Mic

Joan McNerney brings us the perfect poetry for these warm summer days! So, grab your iced drink of choice, find some shade, and add read her excellent work below!

White Heat

This dry moment

we lay in sweat beds.

Limp flowers turned

into themselves.

Lightning scorches

skies with hot zigzags.

Will it ever rain, when

will cicadas be silent?

Memories of a white room

burning pains…shunts, stains.

A bottle bursts filling the

sidewalk with rancid beer.

Throat of bird

swollen, screaming.

Joan McNerney

“A” train

brassy blue


bleeds upon rails.

blue, white flashes

leap forward.

they move, they move

constantly they move.

close your eyes

watch points

like stars

think now

how insignificant

you are

compared to train

speaking for itself

stars known

in no language



tiger’s eyes

brain in

constant action


to what we do not know

plans of distant stars

galaxies floating by as

“A” train

silver worm

bursting through

big belly

of city

Joan McNerney


through time as

I lay thinking always


how this crapshoot of life

crushed my dreams spinning

me into an unlikely comedy

listening to a busy world

trains, ships, planes,

never ending hiss of cars

revved up motorcycles

loud televisions, shouts,

radios, alarms, sirens

shifting memories

over in my mind trying

to find some pattern

finally night, long, deep

and black covers me with

blankets of forgetfulness



Joan McNerney’s poetry is found in many literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days.  Four Bright Hills Press Anthologies, several Poppy Road Review Journals, and numerous Spectrum Publications have accepted her work.  Her latest title, The Muse In Miniature, is available on and  She has four Best of the Net nominations.