Pants by Mehreen Ahmed

Carpe Diem Series

Follow a day in the life of a couple pair of pants! Mehreen Ahmed takes us through a marvelously new perspective and brings it to life.

My Favorite Line, “The legs couldn’t stay away. The stronger the winds, the closer they were.”

Mehreen Ahmed

Two pairs of pants were swinging in the autumnal winds alongside the clothesline. It was above the red sprawling Azealia bed. One was female and the other male pants. They were tightly pegged. The wind couldn’t move them from the waist. But fanned to wrap themselves around in the legs.

The legs couldn’t stay away. The stronger the winds, the closer they were. The male pants were over the female at one point. They were even close enough for a kiss. The female pants swung themselves higher and the male followed suit. They frolicked. The Azealia stirred. This moment underpinned by romance.

The winds whispered to the pants that time was slipping away. The pants paid heed. They did exactly as they were told. It blew a little harder, the male pants got unpegged, it flew over and landed on the female pegs. A magpie swooped in and it sat on them. It sat there for hours. The pants didn’t blow apart.

The magpie stood sentinel. It looked around with its sharp eyes, that no one came close to pull them off the clothesline. The bird was ready to gouge the eyes of whoever dared. The wind brushed the bird too. It trembled, then it took off to another clothesline on the opposite side. From here it had a better view of this sweet togetherness. This lasted a while. No shudders.

The pants stayed pinned onto each other until they were dry. The bird flew away. The winds stopped.


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