Be My Guest and Other Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Still Shining

Well, you’ve almost made it to the end of the week and as you start your morning, take some time to read the work of Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal! He brings a sense of peace with his poetry, a hopeful flow and a calming spirit.

Be My Guest

Are you counting the days?
Do you remember going out?
All the doors you walked through,
none of them were shut.

Will you be my guest? Will you
be my guest when all of this ends?
Will you be my partner in crime?
I do not want to go out alone.

When the orders are lifted
let’s find a good watering hole.
I will look into your kind eyes
when this horror is over,
when this gloom is lifted.

Feed the Night Your Dreams.

Feed the night your dreams.
Feed the day your daydreams.
Swat away the mosquitoes
following you in the street.
Do not despair in the afternoon.
There is the sun. Feed it your
daydreams. The twilight shadows,
feed them your dreams and when
it is time to go to bed, you know
what to do. Feed the night and
every other night your dreams.

Do Not Stay So Long

Do not stay so long in one place.
The day is long. Enjoy it. Go out.
Spend the time with your own self.
At least in the late afternoon you
you could sit in solitude like a stone.

Do not stay in one place all day long.
Be the wanderer, the curious soul.

Take a pencil to paper and write
the book you always wanted to

write. Take your time and let it be.
Make each syllable count. When

you turn out the light sleep well.
Leave the ghostly reflection of a

bad day behind. Find yourself.
Do not stare too long into the sun.

Remain motionless if you must.
But go out, don’t stay still too long.

Edge of the Sky

At the edge of the sky
a cloud of faces forms
leaving me startled
and amazed. One has
a foam like beard and
one has tears and striped
cheeks. One has a head
with no eyes or nose,
and its mouth is shaped
like a triangle. One
looks like a woman.
Perhaps it is just me
who thinks too much
and waits for a woman
that will not return.
I feel so sad and as
darkness arises, rain
falls inside my eyes.

Cast No Spells

You cast no spells
I am aware
of. Still, I am
bound to you in
a way I am
unable to
shake away from.
It is not you.
I do it to
myself. It is
not you. It is
my heart and soul
that seeks you out.
I must find a
way to get free
when I know it
is going to
end badly for
me. It is not
you. It is me.
I know it in
my heart and soul
you have other
plans. I do it
to myself, this
spell that is not
really a spell
I am under.


Born in Mexico, Luis has lived in California for the last 45 years. He works in the mental health field in Los Angeles. His poetry has been published by Ariel Chart, Blue Collar Review, Mad Swirl, Red Fez Publications, Unlikely Stories, and Yellow Mama Magazine. Kendra Steiner Editions published his 7 of his chapbooks, with the last chapbook being Make the Light Mine. 

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