Xavier Pimentel – Online Open Mic

Wood and Wire

The smell of paint and turpentine

Fills my brain with sun and shine 

Like a brandy or a rum

Making me feel loose and numb

I take a peel both sweet and sour

And while away the lazy hour 

In a sunshine orange and bright

Making me feel just alright

I chip away the wood and wire

And drink my liquid molten fire

And think there is no other way

To spend the minutes of my day

Drinking till I’m drunk and red

And the sun has gone to bed 

Filled with fire and liquor too

With a mouth of rye and rue 

But in the drink I can’t forget

The taste of your red lips on mine

That’s why I eat with a regret

With loneliness and turpentine 

If only you were here with me

To drink our problems into stone 

Isn’t it a tragedy 

That I must spend the day alone

The Long Sleep

If I may die before my time 

A helpless soul in pain 

Do not go after yours and thine 

Or I’ll have died in vain 

For I will be on better seas 

On golden sands forgotten 

Remember all our memories 

And the years begotten 

If you fear that I am dead 

Remember I’m only sleeping 

On golden sands I carefully tread 

In the midst of your dear weeping 

If I may die before my time 

A helpless soul in bed 

Do not go after yours and thine

For I am only dead 

As the Water Flows

Have you ever felt the water

Softly kiss you in the rain

Like little drops from heaven 

Soothing all one’s pain 

A stream of water flows 

From heaven up above

Like soft music of the angels 

Signifying love 

Hear their tender threnody 

As they gently fall

Straight onto the frosted ground 

Drops both big and small 

Playing a sad melody 

Healing all one’s woes 

Hear as they go sailing past 

As the water flows 


Xavier Pimentel is an aspiring LGBT poet from Spring,TX. Xavier strives to write daily and with every free time to do so.