Loo Roll Paradise/A Toilet Paper Fairytale – Art and Poetry by Jessica Renee Dawson

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I think we all can relate to this next art right now! Jessica Renee Dawson has prepared an exquisite image and poem that might just have you rolling!

A Toilet Paper Fairy Tale

After the Toilet Paper Dress Bridal Shower Game, in ‘loo’

of the toilet paper panic during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

Upon the steps she finds the paper

and reads of barren grocery store shelves.

She sends her love for toilet paper,

and asks for ten packs times-two of twelves.

He awakes at dawn and drives to town,

for more than four hundred sheets per roll:

She will see her friends in tissue gowns,

when they gather for her bridal shower.

Some yell at him when they see him buying,

so much more than a man needs for two weeks,

and though the people think he’s hoarding—

it’s the touch of her hand and her smile he seeks.

Someday, it’s a story they tell their children

of paper dresses that almost didn’t happen.

A Note from the Artist:

With “Loo Roll Paradise” I started with my wooden artist’s model and put a roll of toilet paper on it’s head and took pictures. I then took one of the photos and cut out the toilet paper person using the GIMP photo editor. I then found a free-use photo of clouds and sky on unsplash.com by Sam Schooler and placed the toilet paper person to a) look like he/she is flying b) to look like he/she is triumphant. In my 5/7/5 “haiku” like poem on “Loo Roll Paradise” I incorporated Jesus’ words “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21) in “loo” of people hoarding/treasuring toilet paper. The piece is my comedic interpretation of people’s mindset in panic buying toilet paper AKA loo rolls. Actually, both pieces are my comedic interpretations of people’s mindsets or potential motives in hoarding toilet paper during the Covid 19 crisis.

Writing “A Toilet Paper Fairy Tale” brought me comfort during this difficult time of Covid-19 scares, and panic buying being daily in the news. It was a comforting outlet to romanticize in my imagination why some people might be panic buying toilet paper. As a person with an autoimmune disease I also find it helpful to use humour in coping with a situation which is potentially life-threatening to me.

Years ago, I attended the bridal shower of a close friend, and we all were asked to participate in the Toilet Paper Dress Bridal Shower Game. We we divided into small groups and given rolls of toilet paper. We chose one person in each group to model, and then each group worked on creating a toilet paper wedding dress on the model. When we were finished the bride to be picks her favourite toilet paper wedding dress and that group wins a prize.

Since spring is upon us: I have been thinking of people planning to get married, and the brides who may have their hearts set on playing the Toilet Paper Dress Bridal Shower Game at their bridal showers may be having a tough time getting their hands on toilet paper.

Reference: Original background photo on Unspalsh.com by Sam Schooler


Reference: Toilet Paper Dress Bridal Shower Game


Jessica Renee Dawson, lives on Vancouver Island, and has studied poetry, and English through North Island College. She has taken poetry workshops under notable poets, Lynne Knight, and Jan Zwicky. Her works have appeared in journals including: Poetry Quarterly, Under the Bashō, The Tulane Review, Wild Plum, and NonBinary Review. Dawson is also a former Stand Up For Mental Health comedian, and an award winning artist.

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