Richard Wells – LTNC Series

Hungry Water

Strolling past

like Christ on a Crutch

Everything he owns

cloaking his battered-ness

or in a shopping cart

Contact or greeting

a baited hook in

hungry water

Reverse fishing

make the cast

become the catch

No current strong enough

to allay, “can you spare…”

I can and do

with smile and eyes

and see:

black white brown

native asian

he she they

all of us

in the stark reality

of the world

that none of us

are free.

Artist and About the Piece:

Richard Wells: “I consider myself a poet/journalist reporting from the streets and the universe between my ears.  I live part time in Seattle, WA, the other part in Guanajuato, Mexico.  Recently I wrote and produced a 50 minute work with 5 readers, 2 of them musicians, that explored intersections of the environmental catastrophe and immigration.  The name of the work was:  Sideways Through Zion:  Field Notes.  This is a short piece from that performance.”

Love Thy Neighboring Country (LTNC) – Continuing Series

In September I had started a series, Love Thy Neighboring Country.

I am so excited that this month I am able to continue that series and share it with you all for the month of November!
Wonderful artists have put together heartfelt work to shine their light into darkness.

Their pieces are in efforts to promote the celebration of all countries, to humanize cultures who have been dehumanized, and to show support of those suffering due to racism. It is also a peaceful protest against the inhumane treatment of immigrants and refugees happening in the U.S.

This is not about politics, but about making humanity the priority.

Join us in spreading these arts of love by liking, commenting, and sharing these upcoming beautiful pieces.