Jack and Jill 2020 – Poem by Gigi M. Green

Still Shining

Gigi M. Green has written an incredibly thought provoking and powerful poem during this quarantine. She makes you take that step back and really contemplate our perceptions. Take a look below and absorb her words.


What if Jack and Jill never climbed that hill

But instead were socially quarantined

Because Jill was twenty-one, a mother of two

And Jack was but nineteen.

What if Jill was a stripper who needed a fix

And Jack was her drug of choice

Is that a moral excuse to ignore her pain

And take away her voice?

What if Jack was black and Jill was white

Is this finally the year that can be alright?

Or if Jack was black and Jill was black and blue

Would that be better for you?

What if Jack and Jill did climb that hill

To fetch their piece of happiness

And instead of hate and judgement sent up

We just prayed and wished them the best.


Gigi M. Green  

Storyteller. KIOME Entertainment

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