Carpe Diem by Gerald E. Greene

Carpe Diem Series

Some days “Seizing the day” comes easy, while other days it is not all it’s cracked up to be. Gerald E. Greene shares with us today an incredibly relatable poem!

My Favorite Line, “So “carpe” isn’t what I’m meant to be.”

Carpe Diem

“Seize the day!” she said in hurried tones,
As if I didn’t want to carpe diem.
I wasn’t sure how to respond to the
call to cherish moments, or how to use them.

One cannot argue with the pristine thought
of going after what you want, achiev-
ing best results with what you have to give.
It is a fact I know and do believe.

While others work all day and stay up late,
I fall asleep while watching my TV,
and go to bed by nine, five nights a week.
So “carpe” isn’t what I’m meant to be.

Go seize, if that is what you want to do,
and use each second to its full extent.
Take control of all that comes your way
and measure with precision how each minute’s spent.

But I am lazy, have no energy
to tackle projects in a zealous way,
and so I amble, nap and take my time,
unwilling to rise up and “Seize the Day!”


Gerald E. Greene

Author of “Kaleidoscope” poetry collection Published by CreateSpace, 2017 and “Turning Losing Forex Trades Into Winners” Published by John Wiley & Sons, 2008.

His blog is “Short Stories Rated G” on Facebook

His short stories or poems have been published in Guide Magazine, Insight Magazine, Compass Magazine, The Flash Fiction Press, Deronda Review, A Story in 100 Words, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Glide, Not Far From Me, and Jordan Journal Collective.