GELE (Africans’ Head Wrap): Vintage and Modern – Painting by O. Yemi Tubi

The Heroines Among Us

O. Yemi Tubi lovingly recognizes his mother and all African Mothers in this masterpiece of colors and imagery! His painting perfectly captures the quiet warmth, culture, and the dedication of these heroines.

Artist Statement:

GELE (Africans’ Head Wrap): Vintage and Modern

This painting is a homage to my mother and to all the industrious African mothers of the vintage years. They spent quality time with their children while working to support their families. They carried their children on their backs while working on the farms or managing their trading stalls. The artist’s mum carried her child on her back and on her head is the tray of fabrics she sells from door to door to provide for her family.


O. Yemi Tubi