Pressed but Resilient – Artwork by Ci Barros

To What We Lost – Ci Barros

The combination of elements that Ci Barros uses in her artwork always gives me chills. Emotion exudes from the page to land directly on the viewers heart.

“Pressed but Resilient”

Artist Statement:

This work belongs to my “Elements” Collection (Atelier D’Arte Ci Barros), a set of works that I am developing using illustration, light, water and photography as the connecting element of the final composition.

This artwork is about the society under pressure from loss of health, loss of stability, loss of mental health, pressure from fear and loss of answers, pressure from human loss… yet… Resilient. 


My artistic journey includes Exhibitions in physical and virtual spaces, national and international participations. Two poetic and illustrative books, in my own name, as well as participation in several Anthologies of poetry at national level, in addition to my participation, equally poetic and illustrative, in the local newspaper. My Artistic Context is based on social reflection, on the defense of the rights of Women and the Protection of Children. Likewise, my “Social Project – Ci Barros”, through art and culture, promotes mental health (individual and collective).


tarde_de_quarentena (quarentine evening) – Digital Artwork by Affar Oppip

It’s the Little Things

Drink in the hues and shades of this incredible piece of art from Affar Oppip! Bask in its warmth and let it fill you with hope.

tarde_de_quarentena (quarentine evening)

Looking at a beautiful sundown after a sunny day is something that really makes me happy during these hard times. The orange and magenta tones in the sky gives me a mix of nostalgia and hope.


I’m Affar Oppip, artist based in São Paulo, Brazil, and I produce glitchy and web-aesthetic digital art since 2013, the same year that Brazil got into a deep political crisis that stills until nowadays. On my artwork I try to express through digital errors the impressions, expressions, visions, paradoxes and contradictions of a metropolis like São Paulo and also themes related with brazilian society.