tarde_de_quarentena (quarentine evening) – Digital Artwork by Affar Oppip

It’s the Little Things

Drink in the hues and shades of this incredible piece of art from Affar Oppip! Bask in its warmth and let it fill you with hope.

tarde_de_quarentena (quarentine evening)

Looking at a beautiful sundown after a sunny day is something that really makes me happy during these hard times. The orange and magenta tones in the sky gives me a mix of nostalgia and hope.


I’m Affar Oppip, artist based in São Paulo, Brazil, and I produce glitchy and web-aesthetic digital art since 2013, the same year that Brazil got into a deep political crisis that stills until nowadays. On my artwork I try to express through digital errors the impressions, expressions, visions, paradoxes and contradictions of a metropolis like São Paulo and also themes related with brazilian society.

Cynara and Other Digital Art by Robella Ahmad

Still Shining

From Lahore, Pakistan comes magical artwork by Robella Ahmad! Take a glimpse at the sweet and compelling digital art pieces she has created!


Robella Ahmad is based in Lahore. She is a digital artist and a curator by profession, but a textile designer by degree. She has taken her curatorial training from Shakir Ali Museum, Pakistan National Council of Arts and O Art Space. She has assisted in numerous shows and residencies. She also is the founder and curator of E-Exhibitions which is an online platform for artists to display their work.