One-Liners Abound! – Michael K. White & Dianna Stark


MICHAEL K. WHITE wasted his youth as a member of the semi -legendary playwriting group Broken Gopher Ink.  Their New York shows were “Human Skeletal Remains,” 1983;” A Fall of Stones,” 1988; “The Black Blood of Angels,” 1989; “Stigmata,” 1990; “Men In Black,” 1991; “The Amazing Melting Man,” 1991; “Confetti,”  1995; “Clazion Catches Light,” 1995; and “My Heart and The Real World,” 1999-2001. His novels, “My Apartment” “Change” and Broken Gopher Ink’s “Four Plays” and “Murder In The Men’s Store” are available on and fine bookstores everywhere.  A rockin’ audio version of “Change” is available at

DIANNA STARK is a former bass playing ergonomics officer with a BA in English/Creative Writing (Magna Cum Laude.)  Her poetry has appeared in Blue Print Review. Along with Michael K. White she is the author of the “Daguerreotype Dialogues,” a series of short plays produced and performed monthly by MTF Short Play Lab and Manhattan Repertory Co. in New York. Their full-length play, “Punk As Fuck,” was produced for a three-week run in June, 2015, by Everyday Inferno Theatre in New York.  In March 2016 their play “Graham’s Law of Diffusion” was produced by Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York.