Musical Mentions – Updown by Christopher Marciano

I have a new Musical Mention for your viewing and listening pleasure!

Smooth and soul filling, Christopher Marciano’s song Updown is one to add to your repertoire of music! I felt the longing, a twinge of hopeful chaos, but all of it based in a calm presence of mind. The beat hits in that perfectly satisfying spot, a note pattern that I didn’t know I needed. For his video he included a group of dancers, the Expandablez, who enhanced the artistry of this exceptional song. And to top it off, they did it all with the impressive and kind skill of maintaining the health safety of wearing masks! The music and dance combination is mesmerizing, full of passion and heart that is healing to this broken world right now. Take a look!

-Mia Savant

Christopher Marciano:

With songs like “Runaway”, “Stubborn” and “I’m Just Me”, Pop and R&B Singer-Songwriter Christopher Marciano is no stranger to speaking his mind about self-worth. The importance of promoting Mental Health Awareness and Diversity through his music has been the reason why he continues to not let the pen escape him.

“The moment I found myself avoiding mirrors is the moment I knew something had to change. I needed to take everyone on that journey towards finding Transparency and if I helped just one person along the way, then I’ve done what I needed to do.”

– Christopher Marciano

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IG/Twitter: @MarcianoMusic
Website: WWW.MarcianoMusic.Com


Still Shining- May Series

Good Morning, Ponderbots!

May is here and we have a power packed month full of artists! I was blown away with the amount of participation for this series, and I am so excited! We even have two artists a day for some of the days!

As Covid-19 has brought the world to quarantines and lockdowns, causing the world to shift, there is some things that it cannot take away, our creative spirits. Our mediums may have to be altered, as well as our subject matters, but life prevails through art.

Our hearts go out to everyone fighting the illness and the ones in the frontlines. While they fight the sickness head on, the artists encourage and inspire, which keep up the spirit and validate the hardships. All of us taking the small part we have in this world to work together as a team.

This month is some of the work people have been doing while they’ve been in isolation, and I am in such awe of all the accomplishments despite the tribulations.

We are still here, we are still fighting, and we are still shining.

-Mia Savant

Dancing To Far Away Places with Katie O’Loughlin





“How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.”

This line in the song Saturn by Sleeping At Last could not be more fitting for Katie O’Loughlin as she gracefully expresses herself through dance. If you’re thinking her face looks familiar, you are not crazy! She was one of the other dancers with Boogie Willis in the collaboration piece from my last article.

Now, I must warn you, no words will truly do justice for how amazing this person is, but I must attempt to explain a piece of what makes her so remarkable. Am I biased? Probably, but I’m sure by the end of reading this, you will be too.



Katie lives and breathes dance. She started as a young child and hasn’t stopped dancing since. Boldly she flies across the dance floor with purpose in every step. She is out there changing the world one leap at a time.

With each piece you can see the genuine love of the craft by the way she moves. She somehow manages to take herself out of the equation, even if she is the only person dancing, and pulls her viewers into the story that she is telling. Watching her, you can’t help but respect how bravely vulnerable she makes herself. You are not watching a mere dance routine, you are looking at a piece of her soul.



Katie does not reserve her love for only dance alone. She extends her creativity into every aspect of the arts. From lighting, to photography, to set design, she is well versed in it all. Diligently she worked to gain knowledge in the whole production.  She has been a part of so many creative performances, workshops, mission works, etc. that I couldn’t even begin to count the hours she has given to her community. Seriously, I dare you to keep track!

Her courageous spirit pushes her to challenge herself and pursue her dreams of travelling. Recently she traveled to Cuba for the second time where she gathered inspiration and learned from the different culture. She soaked up all that she could while she was there and brought it back with her to be able to share with others.

Throughout her journey, she never forgets to stop and empower every person around her. Whether it be her students, her peers, or her family, she speaks words of encouragement to enrich their lives. She leads by example on how to be humble and kind while simultaneously growing personal confidence. She aims to use her skills and her work to unite people in love.



There are times that she struggles to know her path, and questions if she is going in the right direction. Pursuing a life in arts and service is not always the most compatible for a stable life and let’s face it, it can be extremely daunting. But Katie pays very close attention to the calling on her heart and does not shy away from listening to it, even if the outcome is not clear. She combines hard work with faith and allows life to play out the rest.



If you were wondering how you can support this fiery woman, I have the answer for you! Her next adventure will be off to Kenya where she will be meeting the child that she sponsors through her church. While she is normally only able to show her love monetarily, this time she will be able to give the greatest gift of all, the gift of time.

It is difficult for someone who is so generous to call in favors or ask for anything for herself, so already she is stepping outside her comfort zone. But the beautiful thing is that she isn’t asking for herself alone, rather she is asking for help to give to others. Should it be on your heart to support her, please follow this link to her fundraiser page:


Katie O’Loughlin creates her own flare of fire and beauty. She is an adventurer, a leader, and treasure of a person to be around. She embraces her life and truly makes the most of her existence.


Who is Boogie Willis?

Is She Real or Fictional?

When I was just a youngin, I saw my friend, Karly, writing a letter.

“Who is she writing to?” I asked her sister.

“She’s writing to her friend, Boogie.”

I don’t know what it was, maybe because the name was so unique, or maybe I misheard some information, but somehow, I got it in my head that Boogie was only an imaginary friend. It wasn’t until years later, that I was introduced in passing to the lovely human named, Boogie, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was, in fact, a real person!


The Beginning of a Legend

At age 18, Boogie moved to Alaska. I had already moved from the state, but wild tales about her would travel to me. They were tales of creativity, and adventure. Local theaters in Alaska cast her in plays. Dance groups invited her talents in. I even heard that she played the harp, clearly the instrument of a mythical creature. Never once did I hear one bad word spoken about this sensational person. She was adored for her friendly and vivacious demeanor. Boogie became somewhat of an Alaskan legend that brought warmth to a very cold state.

‘Who is Boogie Willis?’ I would wonder on occasion. I could tell even from such distance that this was a very special individual, and I was very curious to know some of her backstory.

So, after all these years, I finally had the privilege of getting to know tidbit more this exceptional lady. I was beyond thrilled when Boogie agreed to take precious time out of her day to talk to me. Right from the get-go she was extremely gracious and accommodating to all my questions.


Finding Her Passion

Boogie has found a way to enhance her life by pursuing both acting and dance. In acting, she wants to take her viewers on a journey and evoke emotion. She doesn’t always have the words to express how she feels and so dance has given her a voice for what she cannot say. Dance challenges her in new and exciting ways that brings joy into her life.

To pay her bills, she maintains a day job as a debt collector. It’s a job that seems very unlike her personality, but she needed a job that allowed her to have nights and weekends free for her rehearsals and performances. Diligently she puts in that extra work to be able to support herself while she fills her life with her passions.

Growing up, Boogie did not know that this would be where her heart led her. She was homeschooled until graduation at age 16. She did not care that much for school, so she was quite happy to finish early. However, during her school years, she was in a gymnastics class. While performing at a gymnastics meet, she encountered a kindred spirit named Karly. They quickly became such good friends that they kept in touch even though she lived in Indio, California and Karly lived in Wasilla, Alaska.

Whenever they got the chance, Boogie and Karly would visit each other and eventually Boogie realized that Karly was one of her best friends. During one particular visit, she realized just how much she enjoyed Alaska. Karly’s mom, an incredibly warm and loving woman, welcomed her in and invited her to stay with them as long as she liked. It was all she needed to take the leap and embark on a new adventure of her very own.


A World of Dance

Karly and her sisters were very heavily into the dance world and eventually it peaked Boogie’s interest to attempt. She started taking a class here and there. Some of Karly’s sisters gave her some private lessons in addition with their moral support and empowerment.

Although it was a daunting challenge to start dancing amongst people who had been working at it for years, she accepted that she was a beginner and did not let it deter her from the enjoyment of the art. Step-by-step she learned how to express herself through movement and was able to bring her own charisma to it even if she didn’t have all of the same technicality.


Finding Her People

While working at a café in Wasilla, Alaska, a flyer happened to catch her eye. For some reason she felt drawn to it. When talking to her friends, they all encouraged her to go for it. After much deliberation, she decided to branch into an unknown world and audition for The Wizard of Oz at the local theater, the Valley Performing Arts Center.

It was her first audition, and to her great surprise, she got in! She got an ensemble part where she played multiple characters, including (to her great amusement) a tree. Once she entered the world of theater, she knew this would be more than a one-time experience.

“I found my people!” she lovingly described it to me.

That play opened the doors to a new world. She said yes to anything that came up and one opportunity led her to the next. She soaked up every experience and learned from every role.

Theater eventually led her to film. She got to participate in multiple roles on camera and even learned the behind-the-scenes techniques. Although she appreciates all portions of the artform, at the end of the day, the energy from the live audience captures her fancy the most.


Overcoming the Barriers

Like the rest of us, she has her moments of struggle. There are times when she doesn’t feel good enough. She sees other people who have something else to offer, and the comparison to herself can make her feel inadequate. When this happens, she tries to remind herself of all of her own accomplishments. She focuses on the times that made her feel validated, like how she got the first play she ever auditioned for, or how she was called upon specifically to audition for parts. Most importantly, she does not let her doubts or discouragements stop her from moving forward. She keeps on saying yes to the next thing.

When I asked her what advice she would give to those who are looking to start acting or dancing without hesitancy she had three words for me, “Just do it.” She said it with the tone of, “This is worth anything that might be holding you back.”

Do not worry about failing auditions, because that is part of the process. Don’t worry about being good enough because you will get better the more you do. Take any role and every role, it’s not about getting the lead because there is so much to learn from it all. And when you dance, dance for the joy of it. “Just do it.”


Enjoying the Journey

She doesn’t know where all of it will take her, but she knows that it fills her life with magic. Occasionally, she has been stopped on the street being recognized for some of her work, and it brings nothing short of happiness to her day!

Who is Boogie Willis? Well, I say she is a walking example of the saying, “Life is about the journey, not the destination.” Her determination to say yes to the things that challenge and excite her are an inspiration to keep searching for the joy in our everyday lives.


Come Get to Know Boogie Willis!

Currently, Boogie is preparing for her next exciting role in Guys & Dolls with Juneau’s Perseverance Theater Company. If you happen to be in Juneau, AK in March or Anchorage, AK this May, you will have an opportunity to see all of her hard work!

For those of us who don’t have the opportunity to be in Alaska at that time, we can enjoy this short film that she graciously allowed me to share with you all today. It is from a film competition called the 5-Day Film Royal. I invite you all to come get to know the woman, the whimsy, the Willis: