Ponder Away – Online Open-Mic

We made it, Ponderbots! It’s 2020, the birds are shining, the sun is chirping, and we are wide awake, right?

Whether you are excited or nervous for the upcoming year and all that it has to offer, I hope you are looking forward to seeing the creativity of the wonderful artists to come in my first ever Online Open-Mic!

Throughout this January you will be seeing artists of all kinds, producing poetry, videos, music, paintings, drawings, and more! Each one sharing a piece of themselves on their own personal topics.

Happy New Year! Keep pondering!


An Artistic Challenge

I gave myself an artistic challenge this month. It started with a picture. I thought how fun it would be to write an inspirational quote to. Why stop there? Why not write a small piano instrumental inspired by the quote? Nothing crazy, nothing perfection, just raw art. And thus, I decided to see where this could take me, if for no other reason than it would be fun to get creative juices flowing.

Do you have any artistic challenges that you have given yourself? Feel free to tell me about them in the comments below!

Take a look at my first completed picture/quote/music combination: