Transitions & Other Paintings by Madara Tropa

Carpe Diem Series

Step into these incredible scenes painted by Madara Tropa! When I gaze at these wonderfully crafted perspectives, I feel connected to the present moment. It allows me to enjoy the peace that comes with nature, and drives me to take part in the day. Take a look at her work below!

“Transitions f”, oil on canvas, 8.7x 11 inches

Transitions g”, oil on canvas, 8.7×11 inches

“Transitions h”, oil on canvas, 8.7 x 11 inches

Vermont Lanscapes a_watercolor and plant based ink on paper_8 x 11 inches

Vermont Landscapes b_watercolor and natural plant ink on paper_8x11 inches

Vermont Landscapes c_watercolor and natural plant ink on paper_8x11 inches_2021

Vermont Landscapes d watercolor and natural plant ink on paper 8×11 inches_2021


Madara Tropa (b. Latvia 1987) is a visual artist based in the United States. She completed her studies at the National University of Latvia, and “La Esmeralda” National University of Art in Mexico City. She has participated in group shows at the Equity Gallery in New York, the Museum of Mexico 

City, the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes, the Modern Art Museum of Toluca, and others. Her artwork probes between the limits of fiction and reality, in the search for her most profound understanding of being. Using painting, installation, and video, Madara constructs dream-like spaces where the sense of human vacancy is uncertain and nebulous. This uncertainty entwines with the materials of ritual and magic, creating temporal shrines of intense auras of reflection, both personal and beyond.


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Girl with Clenched Hands – Oil Painting by Katarzyna Pitek

Online Open Mic – 2021

Feast your eyes on the excellent artwork by Katarzyna Pitek! You can see a story is unfolding in front of you with the flow of her brush strokes along with the deep coloring. It reminds me of passing by a stranger, not being able to know the full scope of their lives yet you know there is a beauty in the simple act of observing them. It is a a gift of a moment you get to share with them, feel connected and present minute before it quickly slips away.

Girl with clenched hands – (145×110) oil on canvas


Katarzyna Pitek


Cindy Kennedy – Online Open Mic

About the Art & Artist:

Cindy Kennedy:

The piece with the deer is my interpretation of my hometown Collingwood on. This is where I was born and raised and where all the magic of my art first happened. In the distance you can see the iconic grain elevator and Blue Mountain. I started my journey in my basement with an easel my late father had bought me. I quickly realized I wasn’t a fan of the way the brush looked on the canvas….so the experiments began…I put a sock on my hand to create a piece and realized I got more control but still….there were lines I wasn’t fond of…eventually I just began to paint with my hands to create the desired texture and control I desired. I moved my art  to my garage and then would spend 12-18 hours everyday painting, experimenting,  repainting,  until every piece I created was visually appealing to me. To date, I have created over 350 pieces. I have competed in 3 live events, participated in mentorship programs for children, build and designed theatre sets…completed 4 murals and counting. I make it my mission to do something with my art everyday. Each of these pieces were painted with my fingers.

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