You Are… – Poetry by Alex Ogoh

Still Shining

Continue the serenity of the day with this modern love poem by Alex Ogoh! Sure to bring you a sense of joy and a smile to your face!


the birds chirping
on my morning
as Sunday mass choir

Like songs
you sing yourself
as lyrics into me

You are…

the distance
nearer to me
than social media

like electric
you speed yourself
as current into me

You are…

the breath
more alive to me
than piped oxygen

like wind
you whiff yourself
as air into me

You are…

the data
connected to me
as CPU

Like keyboard
you input data
as bits into me

You are…

the internet
surfing through my heart
as information

like address bar
you input your source
as URL into me


Alex Ogoh, a member of Writers’ League Benue State University Chapter. His works have appeared on The Political Poet contest in honour of Edgar Allan Poe, 2015 where he was an Honourable Mention, Youth Shades Poetry and Poetrypulse Monthly Poetry.

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