2212 – Silicone Artwork by Agnieszka Gzyl

To What We Lost – Agnieszka Gzyl

Agniezka Gzyl explores the ideas of what could be lost in her imaginative and compelling silicone artwork entitled 2212! Look below to view her work and read the passionate concept behind it.

The idea of creation of construction silicone green wall instead of living one might be the artist’s postulate to the World and global warning. If people are not focusing strongly on saving nature and environment in 2212 all greenery is lost and the only plants they could look at will be this one – silicone green wall.


Agnieszka Gzyl is a Polish artist whose construction silicone artworks on canvas offer therapeutic healing to the observer through the senses of sight and touch. Born in 1972 in Warsaw, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Władysław Strzeminski in Lodz, Poland with a master’s degree, and later a doctorate. Besides Agnieszka’s specialty in creating touchable artworks with the likeness of 3-dimensional objects, she also applies healing principles to interior architecture. Upon living in both Milan and Paris, she has associated with Europe’s most talented artists including connections with psychologists and psychiatrists. The rich experience has motivated
her to create the healing dynamics and relations in the construction silicone works. Agnieszka has exhibited in over 40 exhibitions in Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom and United States. She has recently opened her own center of art known as the SLOW Art Center in Poland. The art center creates a meditative and healing environment and hosts artists from all around the world as well as international tourists. They can relax in the atmosphere of paintings, sculptures, design and be surrounded by musicians, poets, writers on the grounds of a unique 100-year old villa at the heart of the SLOW Art Center.