Going With the Flow by Rifa Tasfia Choudhury

Carpe Diem Series

Rifa Tasfia Choudhury’s sensational painting captures current time struggles, acceptance, and joy all in one! Take a moment to feast your eyes on this majestic piece of art and let it move you.

Going with the flow 8x10inches, acrylic on paper 

Artist Statement:

This pandemic made me realize that not everyone and everything in life is meant to be. Not everything we own are ours. Once we leave this world we are leaving everything but ourselves. So my piece “going with the flow” represents the cycle of life itself. We are all humans flowing and floating away, always rushing and not truly living. But once in a while we must enjoy. Enjoy this little time we have here until it’s gone. 


Rifa Tasfia Choudhury



The Queen of Hearts – Acrylic Painting by Michelle Souter

The Heroines Among Us

A perfect end to our series recognizing women, Michelle Souter shares with us her marvelous painting of Princess Diana! A heroine in her time, and inspiration even now, Souter captures the grace and beauty of this notable woman.

The Queen of Hearts, 2020  – Acrylic on Canvas


I’m Michelle Souter aka @_dolly_dooo_42. I’ve been making art since I was a child. After completing my BA and MFA, I worked on my solo career and opened @lazylinepainterbelle. My main passion though is tattooing. And I really hope one day to find an apprentice position one day…..if I’m lucky.

Joyful Paintings by Emily Shih

It’s the Little Things

I am certain you will be finding the joy in these paintings as much as I have! Emily Shih has the goal of using her paintings to lift others up and she definitely succeeds in her endeavors. Come take them in to bring goodness to your day!


My name is Emily Shih. I am an self-taught artist who lives in Taiwan. I work primarily in acrylic and watercolor. My artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Taiwan, New York, South Korea, South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. 

I fell in love with creating art at an early age and has never stopped in the pursuit of this passion. For me, art is about falling in love with something, it’s about the feelings it conjures 

up inside you. 

My artworks are inspired by nature’s beauty. I love using rich and vivid color on painting. By piling up different shapes of hue blocks, I transform the realist world into a bright and splendid world of my own. This is how I praise nature, and a way of self-expression. 

I believe that artworks can bring people a lot of throbbing of mind, therefore, I want to use my work to heal people’s hearts. I want for people to look at my artworks and feel the same thing that I do- peaceful, happiness, joy and always believing in something good. So, I welcome you to join me on this visual journey. 




Krista Doran – Online Open Mic



Krista Doran:

I have always loved creating. Inspired through the crafting of projects with my father. I started by drawing on everything in front of me, becoming more creative with each new medium I found.  I began lessons in the 6th grade, following through high school, continuing into college some years later.

My style has grown on it’s own. Journeying toward an enjoyment with acrylics, oils, charcoals and pastels. Everything in life is an experience: colors, textures, human forms, dreams, emotions are an inspiration of life.

 As a woman and an artist, I’ve enjoyed bringing the emotions and the wonderment of life into many different creations with vibrant color and blends of detail. Art has always been a passion and an outlet, but more than that, an escape and connection to life.

By taking my own perspective and using art as a way to process, interpret and journey through all the emotions and experiences I’ve had; this has helped me grow and tell my stories in my own way. Beyond my own stories and messages, I encourage everyone to find their own curiosity in all the beauty and ugly around us.  

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Cindy Kennedy – Love Starts With You

Check Out This Artist:

Cindy Kennedy lives in Toronto Ontario Canada. She paints using acrylic and usually only her hands. She prefers finger to the brush as she has more control this way. She has been painting for about 5 years and has created over 350 pieces. The paintings you see here were all done with her hands and are acrylic on canvas.



Cindy Kennedy is competing as one of 12 artists in the Art Battle Mississauga on February 20th, 2020! If you are interested in attending the event you can find information about it here: https://facebook.com/events/s/art-battle-mississauga-februar/531778007458955/?ti=as