The Art of Depression: Rachel Cunniffe


Rachel Cunniffe is based in the North East of  England and has  written a  wide range of  poetry  since being a teenager, has a MA in Writing Studies gained in 1995 from Edgehill University College. Real jobs stifled her creativity for 16 years  and she has  recently  been able to partially retire and spend more time writing again. She has been a member  of several creative  writing groups  one of which  has  been in existence since 1991. She read regularly at the now sadly no more Callender Poetry Festival in September during that time for about 9 years.She lives with a large black dog and two cats.


You don’t keep your promises.

Magpie blue, welders torch blue

frost blue.

A colour for every occasion

with a hook line for opposites –

blue of a polar bears coat

blue tropical skies.

Not mood, not establishment.

I can’t brand you

The Art of Depression: Kaci Skiles Laws


Kaci Skiles Laws is a writer and artist living in Dallas—Fort Worth. Her work has been featured in The Letters Page, at Bewildering Stories, on Poetry Circle, and is upcoming in 50 Haikus, The American Journal of Poetry, The Bollman Bridge Review, and Sub Rosa Zine. She recently won an award for her poem, This is How it Ends, by NCTC’s English Department and is currently working on a children’s book called The Boogerman.

Writer’s Block

The Art of Depression: Saoirse Love


Saoirse Love

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THE DARKNESS by Saoirse Love

Gathering all around
Enclosing me inside
Like a ruined walled castle garden
With no castle left to protect

Where am I ?
What am I ?
Are there others here ?
No, I am alone
Nobody to come out and play

Mammy, mammy
Can Saoirse come out to play ?

Where did they all go ?
I see hundreds of faces
Flashing past
Turning into one
My own

I’m all that I’m here with
A child ?
An adult ?
In the darkness

Dark, dark days and nights
Becoming so small
I hardly recognise myself
A shell
A shrivelled wreck
A half-person

The Art of Depression: Heather D. Pease


Heather D. Pease is a poet, writer, and artist. Her writing has been described as witty, introspective, topical, and breathtaking. She’s performed all over Southern California. She’s an advocate for vulnerable people, an activist for change. She lives in Orange County, CA with her husband, and two daughters and is currently working on her first book of poems. 

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Instagram – @ohpoetic1

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Depression is a Richard by Heather D. Pease
Pantoum poem

I’ve got myself tormented, sitting in silence
fighting reoccurring trauma, a burden for too many years
It collects the tears, takes all the laughter, for itself
Living in its desolation I hide it from public view
fighting reoccurring trauma, a burden for too many years
Your depression is back
Living in its desolation I hide it from public view
I never asked for this cancerous blackness
Your depression is back
each trigger a battle again and again
I never asked for this cancerous blackness
I won’t let it beat me, take everything I am
each trigger a battle again and again
Depression a disease I can’t cure
I won’t let it beat me, take everything I am
I never asked for this triggered beast
Depression a disease I can’t cure
It collects the tears, takes all the laughter, for itself
I never asked for this triggered beast
I’ve got myself tormented sitting in silence

The Art of Depression: JC Pompey


JC Pompey – the Night Owl Fullerton Poetry Host. He is 22 and started writing poetry in 2016. He explored poetry to help him write music lyrics. Since then, poetry has been his focus and he’s been able to complete over 40 pieces.

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Attend the Night Owl in Fullerton, CA, 9pm on the last Sunday night of every month


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PARESTHESIA [The feeling of Pins & Needles in your hands and feet due to Anxiety]

The thoughts of my mind descend into anarchy. 

Into black space. 

Floating in the cold darkness, 

obsessing the moon,

I am weightless, 

and the stars beacon my eyes with heavy sorrow. 

I fall through the dead expanse of night.

 The sun has worn out my vessel and my sweat freezes under the isolation. 
It’s a black hole…

I am lost in space. 
The needles in my hands numb my mind,

the fire within my eyes bleed into tears, 

and the touch of your skin sends snakes up my spine. 

Please, let these needles pierce my heart. 

The Art of Depression: Danni Blackman


Danni Blackman is an artist from Orange County

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Instagram: @danniwhitewoman

“Too Much Sunshine” by Danni Blackman 

“..And how does that make you feel?” He asks as he clicks his pen. 

My head in a daze, wondering why I’m still here.

My mind as quiet as the room I’m surrounded by. 

He scribbles my life as I drift to the night that came before the pen and the clipboard. 

As he scribbles, I think of the cuts that dripped like ink, and how now they seem so shallow. 

As he scribbles I’m here feeling softer, feel myself turn into a puddle of ink. 

I’ve been in this room too long to escape it.

He scribbles my life away while I wonder, “How will I make it in the real world?”

His pen oozes as I drown in the puddle.

I feel more at home in the casted shadows from the stained glass lamp than his words of validation. 

“I can see why you’d feel that way” or “Let’s make a plan to get you there.” 

Three ink-stained months and his pen is running out of liquid.

Like blisters that form from too much sunshine, I am overexposed to the bright lights of recovery. 

“Will I make it in the real world?” I wonder as our session comes to an end.

My feet drag on the floor as I thank him for his time.

I close the white door behind me, exhale a deep sigh, his pen leaving my consciousness, but stained in my being – I think of the pieces I unraveled – My family’s past – As I reach for the keys to my car to drive to school.

“Until next week,” I mutter. 

The Art of Depression: Kelly A. Berry


Kelly Berry is an artist from Chicago.

About the Piece:

This piece is extremely emotional and personal, as she created for her 13 year old son in response to him telling her that he has thoughts of killing himself. He is the beautiful flower; delicate, and vibrant. She is the anchor. 

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Instagram: @kellyberrychi

Stay Please by Kelly A. Berry