About Ponder Savant

This blog is an invitation for creativity around the world! I think as people we feel the most alive when we are creating something, and this blog is an opportunity for artists to have their work displayed.

Who Am I and What is this About?

My name is Mia Savant and I like to listlessly think as my profession. So many topics and ideas need our thoughts, and I like to give credit to as many thoughts as possible.

I enjoy all avenues of art, anything that evokes the emotions inside of us that is dying for attention. I see all art as important to feeding our souls and making the hardships of life become something of beauty.

I don’t have the same freedom as I used to in my younger years to go out to open-mic nights, or go to artwalks in the downtown areas, or hang out with artists to quietly observe them design their magic. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be a part of the art community in a small way.

So, I designed this blog to be a part of promoting art, making art, and giving other artists one more spot to have their voice heard. Whether it is an artist just getting on their feet, or an artist that has been at it for 50 years, this blog is a home for them to share their work and be encouraged to keep at it.

What Does This Blog Mean For You?

-If you need inspiration through observing other artists, this blog is for you.

-If you are an artist looking for a safe space to share your work, this blog is for you.

-If you are an experienced artist looking to support younger artists and encourage them along their journey, this blog is for you.

-Whether you are a poet, musician, painter, photographer, videographer, or any other type of artist, you are invited to send your work over. Go check out the Call For Submissions page for the latest series to submit your work and be a part of Ponder Savant!