La macchinazione (The Machination) by Analia Adorni

Carpe Diem Series

To start our work week we have Analia Adorni to provide us with a marvelous piece of artwork to observe and let sink in. This piece focuses on contemplating a woman’s role and the immense amount of work it takes to accomplish what is expected. Take a look below!

Artist Statement:

“Is cooking the woman’s place? Western culture educated us women to be good mothers, good cooks, good housewives. This series of works talks about the role of women in the kitchen and the partition of the day in schedules to develop housework, routine, synchronization”


Analia Adorni was born in Argentina and studied at the National University of Arts of Buenos  Aires. She winced the fellowship for artisans of Tuscany Region and moved to Italy where she continues the studies at Visual Center of Pietrasanta (Tuscany)and Il Bisonte (Center for  Printmaking in Florence). She participates in collective exhibitions in Argentina, Italy and  others countries of Europe and America and she maded solo exhibitions in Island (Lhistus Art  Gallery), Italy (Casa di Dante, Florence) Spain(Cal Gras Residency of Arts) and Argentina  (University of Social Sciences) . She developed residencies of arts in France and my artworks  are in Museums in Italy, Argentina and Ukraina. 


Bienvenido | Analia Adorni | Artist

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