Forever For Now & Other Poetry by Judy DeCroce & Antoni Ooto

Carpe Diem Series

A beautiful wife/husband duo have teamed up to make exquisite poetry for us to delight ourselves with this morning! Come read the dancing rhythm of Judy DeCroce & Antoni Ooto!

My Favorite Line: “I’m glad…but, I don’t really want to know

Forever For Now

I had a rope for climbing, true…

tied to a soul and times to come

I was looking at the fading side of day,
memories –all friendships stitched

making my way impatient
across this dream

that day,

on this island, from this tower—

thoughts climbed two different worlds,
far away coming in,

finally, a pull toward a finish line
right to my right, and for now,

a thank you

An Invitation with Conditions

Nothing says you don’t belong.

But please…please keep something back.

I still love you—
even those unshared parts;

invite you into my life
but there are some secrets to keep.

Yes, you are here, and

I’m glad…but,

I don’t really want to know

Now Gone

that dream of light or dark
is all there is and all there isn’t

stories breaking away on clean pages
fragments sliding in with a chill

cold as southbound rain—
sounding the way a heart beats out

and there you are,
the best part of it

leaving again
when no one was watching


Internationally published writers, storyteller and educator Judy DeCroce, and poet/artist Antoni Ooto are based in Upstate New York.
Married and sharing a love of poetry, they spend their mornings studying established poets, as well as, work on revising, critiquing, editing and listening to their own pieces. 

Judy DeCroce, has been  published in The Poet Magazine, Red Eft Review, Amethyst Review, The BeZine, Front Porch Review, and many others.

Antoni Ooto has been published in The Poet Magazine, North of Oxford, The Wild Word, The Active Muse, Amethyst Review, The BeZine, and both have been published in numerous journals and anthologies.

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