April Fools’ Day & Other Poetry by Joan McNerney

Carpe Diem Series

Joan McNerney brings us everything we need for our spring time poetry! She describes the marvels and energy around us as the world awakens.

My Favorite Line: ” I’m gonna have lunch with
the sky. It’s been way too
long since we got together. “

April Fools’ Day

Joan McNerney

Imagine some have never heard of our special day.
They don’t know about the very first day of April
when winter’s cabin fever morphs into spring folly.

How so many people stow away their winter coats
storing hats and gloves in some handy box
reaching for bright colors to add to their pizzazz.

How young adults become intoxicated with romance
while little ones ruin their shoes playing in mud puddles
as teachers breathe sighs of relief over Easter break.

How industrious staff sneak in time to stare out
windows dreaming of their lunch hours in the sun
wondering earnestly exactly what to do next.

O my legacy (everyone’s talking about legacy now)
will be to search for the greenest trees dancing
in so-sweet winds under a big cobalt blue sky.

Then you can call me a “larger than life” April fool.

Blown Away

Joan McNerney

I’m gonna have lunch with
the sky. It’s been way too
long since we got together.

I’ll run downstairs through
hallways into bursts of blue.
Perhaps never return to work,
words, paper clips, bookshelves.

Who needs cash when there’s
so much green grass to hoard?
Forget about food. I’ll drink up
sunshine, nibbling juicy clouds.

O sky, you are my solar mate.
We will be faithful always.
Come be with me now…I will
never look at another.

Super Woman

Joan McNerney

I wanna become superwoman
learn portuguese in sixty seconds
end pollution single-handedly
feed rice a roni to the planet
win awards left and right.

I wanna become super woman
paint the Taj Mahal red
knock down bureaucrats by the dozens
create creative pandemonium
flying off the edge of everything.

Super woman.


Joan McNerney’s poetry is found in many literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days.  Four Bright Hills Press Anthologies, several Poppy Road Journals, and numerous Poets’ Espresso Reviews have accepted her work.  She has four Best of the Net nominations.  Her latest titles are The Muse in Miniature and Love Poems for Michael both available on Amazon.com and Cyberwit.net

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