Photography by Katherine Abraham

Carpe Diem Series

Take in these phenomenal photographs by Katherine Abraham! The radiating glow and depth of color in each one invigorates the soul. She helps us see the day for it’s majestic beauty that it can hold for us.


Katherine Abraham is the Author of Yesterday Once More, Silenced by Love and Some Days are Forever. An Adventist, Katherine is a teacher by profession, who has studied Law, Literature and Journalism. She writes poetry and prose for various online publications & International Anthologies. She is the host for the International Podcast Series for Christians  entitled, Chasing Hope where she talks of the various aspects of a principled Christian life. 

Website : Her fourth novel “Every Sunset Has a Story” has won her a book series Contract with a Popular Publication in the US. Katherine is also a Passionate Photographer from India, whose work has bee showcased and recognized both nationally and internationally. Her photographs were a part of the AKR Photography Exhibitions in Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan. Recently, her work was featured in “Margins” the official magazine of the University of Toronto, Scarborough. She has also done portrait photoshoots and has a deep interest in wildlife and architectural photography.

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