Butterfly- a beautiful transformation – Artwork by Shreyasee Konar

Online Open Mic – 2021

This piece of art by Shreyasee Konar holds the weight of so many emotions. The concept of taking pain and transforming it into something beautiful is one of my personal favorites. Her use of colors and the side by side view truly captures this concept in a deep and meaningful way.

Artist Statement:

Butterfly- a beautiful transformation Pain transforms us, gives us a new perspective, and if channelised correctly makes us more beautiful


Shreyasee Konar


facebook: facebook.com/shreyaseekonar3
instagram: instagram.com/shreyaseekonar
website: http://www.shreyaseekonar.com
behance: behance.com/shreyaseekonar
pinterest: pinterest.com/BandWpalette

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