Masks by Leonardo Ibáñez

Online Open Mic – 2021

Come check out these exceptional pieces of art by Leonardo Ibáñez! He eloquently writes about the pandemic and where to put our focus as artists through it all. Let his work inspire you in your own craft.

Artist Statement:

Where does my art come from?

My intentions when working on the magical thinking of forms in art are those immersed forms that, when worked in the universe of concepts emanating from the different cultures that we find around the world, give us the essence of the heritage and identity of our own to be. Well, I believe that our ancestors encountered the same dilemmas related to existence, where we come from and where we are going and what is our role in the relationship of our contact with nature from inside and outside of it, now from the perspective of creation as a plausible fact in our modern world full of algorithms, which crosses at times full of uncertainties, where nothing has meaning and significance, where despair takes over our horizons.

We have entered a very fragile threshold of the existence of the human being, and therefore we are facing a pandemic that is an invisible and terribly lethal enemy, we as artists must play an important role and face this new reality, transforming it into messages that we will process in our magical relationship between our inner worlds, our collective consciousness and the environment of this pandemic that forces us to transform this terrible reality into something different.

Therefore we must create or recreate the universal language of each of the manifestations of art, with revitalizing images to fill the spirit and thus be able to concatenate the different emotional states that this pandemic has brought us.

We must redouble the fight for a reunion with humanity and the soul of the inhabitants of the planet; we must focus at all times thinking how weak life is. The main objective of art is to find the answer to this scourge that apparently is not willing to leave us alone, so I urge my fellow artists not to fall to their knees.


Leonardo Ibáñez


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