Cittá dei Sogni(City of Dreams) by Analia Adorni

Online Open Mic – 2021

This sensational painting by Analia Adorni springs hope in a tired and troubled world. This piece fills me with a sense of unknown wonderment that clings to the idea that life is still full of many good things to come.

Cittá dei Sogni(City of Dreams)
oil on canvas.

Artist Statement:

My artwork attend to reflect about the relationships in times of COVID19
In these days I am seeing a control in the diary life of citizens and the necessity of vigilance.
MI intention is to reflect about the strong control in the movements, life and relationships of
people, penalizations for the citizens in case of no action according the rules.
National States use words like war, victory, friends and unfriends: in consequence appear the
phenomenon of social distancing and isolation.
This situation transforms the life of population and contribute to create paranoiac ; but, at the
same time is a positive change, because this time is an opportunity for to increase the solidarity
and the relationships.
In this period I will work with the impressions of Social Distancing and Isolation, for see the
changes in the thinking and relationship in the style life of the persons in the town (Volterra, a
town of 10.000 citizens in Central Italy, Tuscany) and the experience of my self life in
I think that after this adversity the world will be more solidary and more creative. The idea is that
the emergency is already a step for a better world. The relationships will change and the society
we will enjoy of simply things.
After this adversity the people will take more carefully with the nature. The nature will be
reconsidered and Global warming will be accepted; people will enjoy of landscapes and natural


I was born in Argentina and studied at the National University of Arts of Buenos Aires. I winced the fellowship for artisans of Tuscany Region and moved to Italy and I continue my studies at Visual Center of Pietrasanta (Tuscany)and Il Bisonte (Center for Printmaking in Florence). I participate in many collective exhibitions in Argentina, Italy and others countries of Europe and America and made solo exhibitions in Island (Lhistus Art Gallery), Italy (Casa di Dante,
Florence) Spain(Cal Gras Residency of Arts) and Argentina (University of Social Sciences) . I made residencies of arts in France and my artworks are in Museums in Italy, Argentina and

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