Song for Some Women by Linda Ferguson

Online Open Mic – 2021

What tremendous strength is created when women build up women! Join Linda Ferguson as she writes of the sweet love for the women in her life.

Song for Some Women

I love my heart,
that fluttering thing,
woven and battened
with the threads
of myriad names:

Fiona, Barbara, Pam and Lila,
Judith, Kerry, Ione, Aimee,
Carole, Bessie, Annamarie—
a thousand Lindas, a single Myrtle
a Zan, a Nora, Mariko, Molly—

all my mothers, friends and fires,
grandmothers and newborn daughters,

a web of flowers, stars, crescents, comets—
up and around and through we go
with stitches of feather satin, thorn and coral,
a shimmering tapestry of ruby blue
and golden green.


Linda Ferguson is a Pushcart-nominated, award-winning writer of poetry, fiction and lyrical nonfiction. Her poetry chapbook, Baila Conmigo, was published by Dancing Girl Press. As a writing teacher, she has a passion for helping students find their voice and explore new territory. 



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