Wood Veneer Artwork by Sintim Isaac

Online Open Mic – 2021

Sinitim Isaac uses wood veneer on plywood to create extraordinary images! I was absolutely taken with how much emotion he conveys with this medium and the beauty of the story that unfolds within it.

Child on the street
Medium – Wood veneer on plywood
Size – 2×3 feet
Year- 2019
Description: Walking along the road side one afternoon. Looking at the children.
returning from school. Then i thought about this boy on the street. Why do you have them ?
If you cannot care for them, why allow them suffer so much.

Medium- Wood veneer on plywood
Size- 2×3 feet
Year- 2020
Description: Not everything you see is the reality. Sometimes there is much pain and desire that lies behind these innocent faces. Always in constant fear. ”Give us a dream a door of opportunities. We will thrive ”


Sintim Isaac was born in Ashanti region, Ghana on the 27th February,1996. He shown his artistic and creative talent at an early age. Producing wonderful graphite shadings and illustrations of almost any interesting picture he came across. At secondary school level he studied visual arts at Asanteman Senior high school, kumasi(2011-2014). 

In 2016, he moved to central region where he pursued a four year degree in art education at the University Of Education, Winneba. He was an intern at his secondary school in 2019. In 2020, he moved to kumasi, Ashanti region where he stays and work currently. 

Sintim has worked with various media in his quest for a technique and media to be associated with. He is bais towards dry media. As a painter obsessed with the grains in woods, he liked the pleasing effect colors of wood veneer produced when composed together into a picture. This lead him to a technique called Marquetry. The artist refers to them as ‘wood paintings’. 

  Sintim portrays in his geometric shaped wood paintings, gaiety and hope with human figures, children particularly. His artworks captures the postures and expressions of deprived children. He sympathizes with their sense of struggle and isolation.

    His art was selected for a juried open call international art exhibition (calling across the distance,2020). It was organized by Emergent Art Space based in San Francisco, California.


Facebook_ Opambour Sintim Isaac

Instagram_ @woodimpressiongh

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