A Pure Work of Art – Photographic Series by Rifa Tasfia

Online Open Mic Series

This next artist takes us on a journey of her self exploration through the heaviness of labels and expectations. Rifa Tasfia inspires confidence, and a warm acceptance of oneself through these powerfully detailed images. Let her artistry start your week with a resolved sense of self worth and strength.

Artist Statement

Series Title: A Pure work of Art

 “A pure work of art” is a Photographic series about self -love and all the criticisms to build by people to label someone as a particular object who doesn’t always fit in the box. This series is deeply personal, beauty is subjective and to be labelled as beautiful one must have perfect slim figure with perfect hair and skin.  The rarest thing in Bangladeshi culture is to accept someone for who they are and to remember that we are more than just a body.

We are all dependent to art, these films, photographs and music we encounter every day is all different forms of art. “A pure work of art” reflects on personal growth, love and passion. These series contains both myself as the Art and the Artist. As a Fine Artist belonging in a Bangladeshi culture, I have experienced many hate comments towards my dreams and career not only that I have also experienced body shaming and discouraging words toward my body.  It’s like I’m not the ideal girl to fit in. Self-doubt and low self-esteem don’t come in a day, many people my age still grew up with doubting themselves, based on how they look and have very low body confidence. The harassment of bullying lets a young mind change the perspective about themselves into pure hatred, hatred towards their own skin. The vicious cycle of low self-worth and social approval is like a blood sucking parasite, that sticks to you for a very long period of time. This sort of cycle doesn’t bother me anymore, as I did few years back. Because I know my worth, my worth doesn’t have to be defined by my size. Nobody is ever ready to talk about the constant obsession of looking perfect. I have always considered myself as the Sunflower, that doesn’t fit perfectly in any garden, on a vase neither on a bouquet. Its like we have our own garden, rarely seen or touched. Anyone would rather pick a rose than a sunflower, because people like the idea of different or change but wouldn’t risk their lives for it. In reality it’s the same thing, very few people appreciate artists, They like the idea of it but wouldn’t stick around with one.

As an artist I have developed a way escaping reality by just simply painting. This sweet escape means solace and inner peace. In this series I have used my body as the canvas and my talent as paint. So, here’s a series of self-portraits and photographs of myself, a mixture of my flesh and my artistic style. A small journey to self-discovery and growth since Self-love is hard, it takes great deal of patience and time. Both art and loving oneself requires effort, dedication and unconditional love, its kind of like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The transformation to enjoy oneself, to live at our fullest makes us glow and grow differently. 

 Below begins the  Abstract Photographic Series of growth, love and passion, each photograph is titled.

First Glance


Disappearance of my past self


I am Enough

Tears to Thunder

Slowly Blooming

Beautifully Crafted




Happy Flower


Rifa Tasfia 


Instagram handle: @tazflea


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