An Elegy to a Knight & Other Poetry by Walid Abdallah

Online Open Mic – 2021

Get swept away in the romantic flow of words by Walid Abdallah! The line that struck me the most, “Your touch would make me alive again And pacify the heart knew nothing but pain.”

An Elegy to a knight
My deep condolences to a noble knight
Whose soul ascended heaven at night

Rivers of tears are not enough to shed
For a gentle heart and a face of a kid

You were always a kind-hearted man
Everyone knows you becomes your fan

You always left good memories with everyone
You left life without a setting sun

Your thoughts exist everywhere
Nobody will forget your care

You planted love in every heart you met
That’s why your sun will never set

Nobody is going to forget your smiling face
Your memory decorates every place

Everyone prays for you day and night
You took with your every joy and light

Although you are no longer in front of our eyes
You are now the celebration of all the skies

Everyone laments the gentle heart
Who suddenly decided to depart

Angels really belong to the sky
Whose memories will never dry

Rest in peace our gentle knight
You are always there before our sight

If time went back 

If time went back, I would have a life
I wouldn’t suffer from a lifelong strife

I would hold your hand in the rain
And hide my tears flood and pain

I would look into your eyes and say
Your presence nearby makes my day

I would hold you forever
And to leave you,  never

I would hear your heart beats song
And dwell your heart where I belong

I would see or hear no one but you
Only for you, my heart would blow

I would taste the honey of your lips
And touch the highest mountains tips

I would drown into your hug sea
And plant an evergreen leafy tree

Birds would have their nests there
And keep singing the love they bear

Butterflies would decorate its leaves
Where love is born and never leaves

Our love would give life to everything
Only happiness, fate would bring

There would never be a heartbreak
You would always stay for my sake

Flowers would dance and swing
Bees would rejoice and sing

Your touch would make me alive again
And pacify the heart knew nothing but pain

Waves of the ocean would be calm and quiet
Due to the love born from the first sight

We would never separate
We would make our fate

I will be always there

I will be always there for you
With much love that will always flow

When life is hard and really tough
I will give you support that is enough

Whenever you want to cry
I will be there your sigh

Whenever you want to fly
I will be always there your sky

Wherever you go on this earth
I will be always there your breath

When you feel lonely and under pressure
I will be always your happiness treasure

Whenever you walk in the night
I will be always there your light

Whenever you are afraid of the vast space
My heart will be always there your place

When you are down and need support
I will be always there your life port

When you are happy and excited
For your happiness I will be delighted

Whenever you want to talk and speak
I will be always your back that won’t break

Whenever you close your eyes
I will be always there your warm sighs

Wherever and whenever you go
I will be always there for you

For you

For you, I am really ready to fall
For you, I give my life and soul

For you, I will give my past away
For you, I always care and pray

For you, my heart always beats and calls
For you, the earth orbits and the rain falls

For you, birds flutter, sing and fly
For you, rivers flood and never dry

For you, the sun rises every day
For you, roses blossom without delay

For you, plants keep orbiting the sun
For you, days and nights are full of fun

For you, plants and trees dance in spring
For you, only true love my heart will bring

For you, the moon illuminates the night
For you, the sun becomes very bright

For you, stars decorate the sky
For you, I have wings to fly

For you, the beach hugs the sea
For you, only true love you will see


Walid Abdallah is an Egyptian poet and author. He is a visiting professor of English language and literature in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA, his poetry includes “Go Ye Moon”, “ If you were here”, ” Dream” and “My heart still beats”. His books include Shout of Silence, Escape to the Realm of Imagination, My Heart Oasis and Man Domination and Woman Emancipation, and his co-translations with Andy Fogle of Farouk Goweda’s poetry have previously appeared in Image, RHINO, Reunion: Dallas Review, and Los Angeles Review. These translations won prestigious prizes in the USA like “Cause”, “Egypt’s Grief”, and “Strangers’ Cross”. 

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