Graveyard for Never Sent Letters & Other Poetry by Martina Rimbaldo

To What We Lost – Martina Rimbaldo

Martina Rimbaldo’s enchantingly sorrowful poetry and photography fills you with many emotions. Her work makes the haunting of such emotions a beauty to behold.

Graveyard for never sent letters

One afternoon when the late summer smelled more like autumn,

she came to her room and took the pen,  in order to make his  wish come true.

She wrote a few lines on a heart – shaped paper .  Lock of her hair, ring, and two photographs she placed inside the envelope, but feelings change ,she and him are not the same.

Now she thinks of letting go, where will her letter go ?

Still hidden in the drawer, 

away from curious eyes .

Still the question :  “What shall i do with it? “ Hovers around her mind as a vulture around the dying prey .

Burn it , throw it , send it …she doesn’t know , it  is just that painful.

There should be a graveyard for never send letters,

 I  have heard,  she maybe  found  its final resting place: „Museum of Broken relationships’ ‘.

 Above the letter, now a showpiece left behind underneath  the   plexiglass ,one may read the  sign :

“It was never a relationship, just an online thing ,it was not meant to be . I am sorry if we were stronger maybe …but still…it is not a guarantee…“.

Now she attempts  to be strong , but tears betray her every time she finds herself alone, she attempts to be free she still holds on … thee… And she wishes silly things like ,to have a giant Teddy Bear, the ones she owns are not large enough, to pretend, to imitate the human shape.

She just does not want an empty bed …of loneliness…She needs a hug ,somebody who will warm up her freezing heart and  body… 

She has been alone for too long, but does anyone care at all…….??? 😦

black pearls

I guess some can not  pass trought the darkness 

Without the darkness glues herself on to them 

They drag her around like the treasure chest  filled with black pearls 

If the chest is opened they end up on their neck 

Suffocation  becomes  their  end 

For them pearls are  precious friends 

But all they bring is death …

Luna Lacrimosa

lunar silver rug is on the floor

her lifetime is here no more

river of tears hits the piano keys

creates a heartfelt melody

her life was taken so violently

she can’t find the open door

Earthbound by this place

still enslaved can’t escape

dark hides her cry

harm is done cant be undone

church bell chime midnight

drawes her last breath

drifted away

cant see why the stranger to her eye made her die

he was too blind to see his belief was a lie

dark hides her cry

harm is done cant be undone

heatspell brought her hell

summer waves please erase that few days

her faith is sealed forever

follows her to the final resting place

what have they done

blood on psychedelic neon starlights was her own

his cold-blooded eyes stare at her no more

Unrequited love

Unrequited love is a stillborn

Never took his first breath

Never opened his eyes

Never spoke a word

Never got a chance

Gave up at the start

Defeated by death


white corridors hide the secrets once stored in your mind

as the only silent wittiness who saw it all

from Alfa to Omega

White marble slabs broke down

under the heavy steps of the angry ones

could not stop the pain

nothing was ever the same

Tell me who is to blame?

oh how sad it is

oh how they miss

even after all this years

fear still sleeps near

finding the sane reason in the senseless crime

is the hardest task

so we should not ask


so many words left unspoken

from the lives that were taken

13 teardrops

13 blood-drops

falling down to feed the roses on 13 graves

but where are the 2 more who lost themselves

what happened to their souls

torments us all

Lord do you know how to mend our hearts

from all the brokenness

Please tell me you saved them all

that no one was lost in the infamous lake of fire

I’m offering you my strong embrace

to protect you, to save you from yourself

oh if only i could ….

oh if only i could stop you now ….

once and for all…


Martina Rimbaldo is a 30 year old woman who lives and works in Croatia . She always wears a pen and a notebook in her purse in the case of a sudden inspiration in order to write it down . Her work is published in Nightingale &

Sparrow, Oddball Magazine, The sage cigarette magazine, Spillwords com .Thruly you, TheStreet Light press, Six word stories, Poems, and Poezija noći websites, and her artwork is published at weekly blog of Royal Rose Magazine, her photographs are published in Bleached Butterfly and Anti heroin chic. Loves to paint abstract paintings, read religious books, watch horror as well as old movies with Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Tate, Brigitte Bardot who happens to share her birth date and (over)thinks specially about death, what some people find morbid but not her, it is a part of life too. Her goal is to be a good person.

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