Eulogies in Quicksand – Poetry by Frogg Corpse

To What We Lost – Frogg Corpse

What a special tribute this poetry is by Frogg Corpse that was written for his brother. The expression of internal struggle while handling such a great loss is truly a powerful testament of complete and genuine love.

Eulogies in Quicksand

by: Frogg Corpse

For what I’ve grown to know

Numbness towards my end

All these wars inside,

Tearing my dreaming head

Quaking rites find comfort

Second guessing in the sand,

Separate the folly,

Of what makes us meet again;

Changing words of scripture

Writing our eulogies,

Hero I need you now

More for them, than it is for me,

I am counting down the time,

For what emotion has in store

I would wish it all away

To hear your final words.

In memory of Jeremy Robertson

My brother who took his own life.

April 25, 1976 – June 22, 2020


Frogg Corpse is a poet, vocalist, and actor from Louisville Kentucky.
Frogg’s poetry has been published by Artifact Nouveau, Cajun Mutt Press, Necro Magazine, and Louisville’s LEO Weekly.
Frogg has performed poetry readings on the Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio w/ host Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram. As well as Bar Poetry, and Easton Book Festival’s Open-Mic: Halloween Edition. He has also read his work numerous times on Poetry Super Highway w/ Rick Lupert. Frogg has performed Live at Gonzofest during 2014-2016 which is a Louisville festival that honors writer, native, and journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
Frogg has also been a contestant in 2020 for a Poetry Slam hosted by spoken word artist Suli Breaks.

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