Letter to a Traveller – Poetry by Abiodun Peter Ekundayo

To What We Lost – Abiodun Peter Ekundayo

Abiodun Peter Ekundayo fills our day with serene poetry. Take some time to read his beautiful work below:

Letter to a Traveller

I remembered scaling the fence of your house just to see you bathe with the pail on your head.

Through the walls of your house have I called

You to play with the stones on your roof as my emissary,

Whistling with the calls of your name behind my damp palms, and the shy knock on your door, requesting to see you.

Do you remember?

I came again tonight,

Under the rolling eye of the sky

Like a stagnant water set free,

To play under the rain like we do always.

I walked through the passage that boils like the brain of a lunatic,

Only to see it

Flowing like the blood of a new-born.

I whispered again tonight,

Through the knob of your door

With my flip-flop orchestrating my gait.

I called Papa ,

He told me you went on a journey,

To a place far away from home, through the Seven Junctures.

I asked Mama ,

She said you’ve danced well to the tune of the Sacred soil and you’ve been invited for a festival that might last forever.

I asked Bingo ,

He barked and looked at the sky, I looked too .

I saw the moon in its half, sailing on the sea of fluffy clouds and,

The Stars , charging the chagrin along with the tempest of clouds .

I searched your room, perhaps, you dropped a letter to tell your destination.

I rummaged,to get

nothing but the silence of a labyrinth

Spiced with seductive lime that garnished my eyes. You left without telling me.

Dear friend, come back soon ,

To tell me the stories of the Seven Junctures

And the festival of your ancestors.


Abiodun Peter EKUNDAYO is an undergraduate student of the Federal University Oye Ekiti. A poet and an award winning essayist who was born and raised in Lagos. An indigene of Ogun State, Obafemi Owode Local Government Area. He loves fantasising and musing the moon ; he could also fit in for an actor. He plays football with passion and enjoys company of his friends likewise tranquility and music.


Link to work ;

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