Laughing Bones – Poetry by Meg Smith

To What We LostMeg Smith

Meg Smith takes the memories of her loved one and holds it as a continuous gift. Her poem is a touching expression of the immense amount of love and goodness that stays even though there has been loss.

Laughing Bones

In memory of Lawrence Carradini

We share a joke before sleep. 

I confess my lives

that stir in a dark well, 

and we will still laugh.

I pray to his innocence. 

I am the only one waking.

I light every candle for him. 

I pray for us in our sleep, 

where everything waxes whole.

Meg Smith is a writer, journalist, dancer and events producer living in Lowell, Mass.

In addition to Ponder Savant, her writing has appeared recently in The Cafe Review, Trouvaille Review, The Horror Zine, Dark Dossier, Sirens Call, and many more.

Her poetry books, Dear Deepest Ghost, This Scarlet Dancing, Night’s Island and Pretty Green Thorns, and her short fiction collection, The Plague Confessor, have been published by Emu Books. They are available on Amazon.


She welcomes visits at, on Twitter @MegSmith_Writer, and

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