Let’s Meet for Tacos – Poetry by Yvonne Brizula

To What We Lost – Yvonne Brizula

Yvonne Brizula carries us through the loss of relationship that was and could’ve been. A pain all too familiar put so eloquently.

Let’s Meet for Tacos
After Diane Seuss
By Yvonne Brizula

Let’s meet somewhere outside time and space.
Where I’m not 53 and you’re not 41 and she’s not 22,
And your breakup with her no longer hurts.

Let’s meet where gravity doesn’t exist.
Where my breasts float up to my chin just like they did when we went swimming,
And I feel comfortable being completely naked all of the time.

Let’s meet where there’s no pain.
Where my knees and my back don’t cripple under strain,
And I can go from sitting in the grass to standing in a second, quietly and without humiliation.

Let’s meet where there’s no such thing as money.
Where we never have to worry about work or who pays the bar tab,
And we can dance all night and lay naked in bed all day eating chicken livers on toast.

Let’s meet where no one else finds you attractive.
Where your eyes don’t wander and wink and women never get your number,
And you no longer feel compelled to sow your oats.

Better yet –

Let’s meet where I’m the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.
Scarlett Johansson is the name of a disease and Padma Lakshmi is a dish of lentils and rice,
And you only want to be with me.

Let’s meet where there’s no recollection of stupid things I’ve admitted to doing.
Where everything I do is endearing and motivated by love and not jealousy,
And I never need to stalk you online or drive by your house late at night.

Let’s meet where there are no complicated relationships or broken hearts.
Where there’s no such thing as friends with benefits,
And you can fuck me senseless and love me wholeheartedly without differentiation.

Let’s meet where it is completely acceptable for you and me to be together.
Where it doesn’t matter who knows that we’re together,
And you still want to be with me.

Better yet –

Let’s get tacos to go.
And eat them on my bed at 3 in the morning,
Like we did that sexy night so many months ago.


Yvonne Brizula is a rising poet and writer from Southern California.

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