Advent – Poetry by Adrian Slonaker

To What We Lost – Adrian Slonaker

Adrian Slonaker’s poem Advent sums up the end of the year sentiment impeccably. His words are the honest expression of the struggle with the heaviness I think we’ve all carried through these months and are looking to relieve.

Artist Statement: I’ve interpreted the sense of loss as the loss of light (and warmth), of patience and of time (the year slipping away) that comes with the season of Advent/the end-of-year holidays. It was inspired by my general uneasiness about December; the expectations to “do stuff” (parties, gatherings, decorating, baking, family, shopping/gifts) and be “jolly” while still working and studying as normal despite the stresses, the anxieties, etc. as we’re aware of the loss of daylight and the impending loss of one year (with the uncertainty of what comes next). 


Advent occupies the
calendar’s flyover country, the
beige backwater between
Black Friday and
Christmas Eve when
radiators rumble against the creeping cold
and overdoses of darkness
while we fidget
through a four-week wait
for frenzied family fracases and
busted bank balances and
torturous travel trajectories and
reducing regimens repulsed by a
parade of pastries and pigs in blankets
against a soundtrack of tinkling Yuletide
tunes as irritating
as an icicle through the
iris of the eye.

And beneath the burden of
the loss of daylight,
of patience and
of a yawning year about to be
euthanized by Father Time, students must
still cram for exams as
grown-ups grind and groan through
a schedule that continues to spew
the weariness of workdays.


Language boffin and lifelong Halloween fan Adrian Slonaker hangs out among the drizzly streets and autumn leaves of downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Adrian’s work, which has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize, has appeared in WINK: Writers in the Know, The Be Zine, Gnashing Teeth, The Pangolin Review and others. 

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