To What We Lost – November Series

Happy November, Ponderbots!

I have been feeling rather nostalgic recently, in both a contented state as well as the heartbreak kind. 2020 has taken a toll on all of us, forcing us to have some introspection, as well as focusing on what is important to us. As we inch near the end of the year I thought it might be healing to honor these feelings, to validate the painful moments in our life as it is a part of our journey.

Each artist featured will be an expression of their loss, taking the time to be vulnerable in sharing with us so we can mourn with them, and not feel alone ourselves. Whether it be loss of loved ones, relationships, jobs, time, plans, all of this can be shared to carry these burdens together.

This series is to invite these pains to a dinner, recognize them, pay them homage, hold them close, and release them so that we can step forward with lighter hearts. Raise your glasses with me to give a toast of bittersweet remembrance to what we lost.

-Mia Savant

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