Mother Earth on a Wheelchair – Poetry by Tope Ashaolu

Adorably Horror Series – Tope Ashaolu

Mother Earth on a wheelchair’

When mother is rewritten into another blank stories

And into another dark sheet  

Little light in her should able to call to mind

Of when and how was their abode thrust with lost footprint

But how do we say it

That mother’s light has been buried even though still craving

Or how do pronounce this-

That moon birthed by Earth has been strike by the colours of pain

There are places in heaven where Earth can be heal

But her other children won’t let the path to heaven live

And not even any scent track will be spare

Cause they are fire that burn their abode slowly

Maybe her sheet will be flooded with beautiful tales again  

But scars in her is like flies after rain

And the wheelchair,  just a cover page of different strayed bullet inher

Hope a moment will live when her foot will saunter again 

But hitherto, Mother Earth is another soul with lost strength.

Tope Ashaolu


Tope Ashaolu is a Yoruba born poet, he was raised in kwara state, where he earned his primary education and secondary aspect certificate.

He has feature in some most standard poetry challenge, in the like of 2017 chrysolite wordwar,coming out as 2nd runner-up and some others competition.

His poem has been published in some online journals such as:praxis magzine,parousia magazine,Erogospel and others magazine.

He is currently studying English and literary studies at federal University, Oye Ekiti.

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